Saturday, February 8, 2014

LBF#1: This Nation

Teresa Kok's Onederful Malaysia Video was another proof that the modern Malaysia's political game has never changed, in fact it has gotten worst. This applies to both coalitions. I first questioned her intentions of coming up with that video, was it to win the public's trust, secure more votes for the next GE or really to fight against corruption and all the angelic missions she had planned out for Malaysia. Gladly, the intention was good and the video was creatively produced. I adore her directing and filming skills. The content was honest and able to strike a vivid message and portray a clear image on how the current government is faulty and its time to flag  them out from ruling. But...seriously, it's a little immature and cheap (that's Malaysian politics..or Global politics). I don't know whether this norm is taking place worldwide or it is just in Malaysia, but sarcasm and indirect mockery seems to be everyone's favorite genre. It has now been part of us; Malaysians. 

More and more TV Shows, movies, dramas are easing out in terms of eastern values and cultures but focusing on humor and sarcasm to be in trend, fit in the industry and make more money. When will I wake up in this country and start looking up at our politicians? Hoping that every single word they say is intellectual, strategic, realistic and futuristic+inspiring?. Oh! We already have those politicians but not many, two most famous would be YB Khairy Jamaludin & YB Nurul Izzah. It is very important to have politicians of these distinct qualities and capabilities to represent, communicate and inspire Malaysians. Our leader is our example, they are our ideal figure of a champion but what is happening now? We make kangkung videos and L-O-L big time watching it, we make parodies that we inject with sarcasms and indirect humiliations. Where did our respect go? These are our leaders, why can't we find the best approach to express, convey the message? Another sad....sad syndrome would be youtube videos and other social media posts responses/comments. Yuna who is making it big time in U.S.A should be given credits and motivated to stay on the right track with her image but once again, our keyboard champions insensitively posted comments which are degrading and humiliating. The rakyat and the leaders are problematic but I love the fact that more and more individuals are starting to take a neutral academic stand with a proper evaluation of facts and holding back before overreacting. At least I have a little peaceful corner here in my own nation.

I would say I find my peace here in the State of Kelantan (specifically Jeli). People are nice, they smile at you and make your day. This place helps you to stay focus, isolate yourself from modern world distractions and unneeded pressure. Even though the growth and development is taking place at a slow pace, so what? at least its taking up shape according to its own definition and formula. It is the power of religion that keeps a nation safe, peaceful and in control. There was this one time, me and my friends went into a house to switch on the lights cause the owner was away for a few our surprise when we walked out of the house, we saw a big group of neighbors on motorbike starring at us. Oh yea, we brought in girls (they wanna take a look of the house) and they thought we're planning to explore each other's body parts in private like most 3GP videos made in Malaysia. I like the fact that these people care, they protect their people and neighborhood. I adore the fact that sex is not just any recreational activities; an open access rituals to live our life?! I feel loved and cared. Religion tells you to investigate, find out the truth before you jumped into a conclusion. Musyawarah. It is a process that is filled with individual respects and is highly sensitive to peaceful practice of mankind. Now in Malaysia, the concept is a little bit there but the implementation is tarnished and faulty. Look at our MPs childish disputes in the parliament, clearly it's like watching "Maharaja Lawak Mega: Parliament Style".

These little brown fingers of mine couldn't do much. I am a Malay from the inside but my alleles express the other side of me; phenotypically. Most of the time, I don't feel belong to either race but I know that I belong to this country; I am Malaysian and I love this nation. I was born here, I grew up here, I sing the National Anthem, I gossip over roti canai and teh tarik, I am thrilled every time I came across an international interview when the interviewee spoke in Malaysian English. So why can't we reform this country our own way? Why must we humiliate and condemn each other to climb up the political ladder? Why can't we compliment and top that up with ideas that we could do better in what way and how? Why can't current MPs tone down with their alter ego?

I have trains of thoughts and threads of ideas in my head but most chose to appear within seconds before disappearing again slightly before these little brown fingers of mine could type it out for you guys to read. I am grateful for the fact that I was chosen and given the opportunity to further my studies abroad in a few months from now by the Malaysian government. And yes its the rakyat's money and investment. I love this nation and I wanna make it better. 

If a victory of a nation is established through condemns, provocations and insults...the defeat would be a similar reflection of it. Earn your throne in the most respectable manner and it shall remain with you as long as your nawaitu is for the greater good of your people and not to be placed on your personal preferences and agendas.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

S07E09: Four Coffins & A Kiss (Season Finale)

People kept it in silence,
They kept it sealed,
Deep inside,
It's an untold truth.

The love that Charles has for the wonderful women in his life was put to test the moment four cold bodies lied each in a glass coffin decorated with white lily. It was utterly unusual; a total meltdown for the residents of The Land of Jewels. As one says, "There's always an ending to every beginning". Four coffins with four dead bodies; cold-pale blue. Dressed in elegant black robe, Foxy sang melancholic-ally for her best friend Courtney. Then came in Leopold, leading the final prayer.

Pure heart, pure diligence,
Born with honesty and ultimate dignity,
My dear Reeta shall rest in peace.

Bold and firm,
   Bid farewell to..
Courtney our beloved honey

But before Leopold could proceed, Charles hustled in and fell on his knees. Tears rolled down his cheek. "If only..I was there for her....", "It's all your fault! You S.O.B!" Patel broke into tears while wailing to Charles' face but she was held back by Foxy and Mama Divas. But before any more dramatic plot could take place...the sky turned red-orange and exposing the glaring eye of the sun. A phoenix flew down accompanied by millions of fireflies and a purple flame emerged turning the phoenix into a beautiful size-zero female with flawless skin. " apple is worth the's true love anecdote turns into an antidote" and she burst into thousand of diamonds.

Charles approached the first corpse with Reeta in it and kiss her gently on the cheek. Neither reaction nor response was shown. He kissed Courtney on her eyes; Neither reaction nor response was shown. He french-kissed Ally on her pale lips; Neither reaction nor response was shown. And finally, he starred blankly at Tiffany...heart beating as fast as lightning, adrenalin rushed through his veins...and muttered, "This is it". The kiss was passionate and mind-intriguing. Sadly, neither reaction nor response was shown.       

Charles fell on his knees again but this time he is dehydrated. He took a look at his palm, minor lesion progressed into major, his vision started to blur, his skin wrinkled as if the nature is squeezing out nutrients from his body. Fleshes on his body disappeared baring naked his skeleton. 

A strong wind blew across the funeral and the four bodies resurrected back to life. Reeta, Courtney, Ally & Tiffany stood on their foot to realize that each of them came back to life carrying a baby in their belly. "What? I'm pregnant?" cried Tiffany.

People kept it in silence,
They kept it sealed,
Deep inside,
It's an untold truth.

Charles' soul was resurrected and split-ted up into four growing babies in the womb of all the women who loves him. The true love kiss spell-breaker reversed causing Charles his life. Something must have went wrong somewhere and definitely has something to do with the evil witch, an untold truth that kept us all wondering what actually happened and why? Sometimes a story best tell the way it is and not knowing is the perfect ending....


1 week later


Reeta, Courtney, Ally & Tiffany delivered a baby boy; doppelganger of Charles. Each of them, own a piece of him in their lives. None of them knew what happened to witch though once in a while they could see flashes of the size-zero female figure whom appeared during the funeral holding Charles' hand during the full moon. 

...THE END....

This is a final post before I move on to a new chapter in my life entitled
"Little Brown Fingers"

Thanks to all the characters which was inspired by people around me. Their story is worth the twist. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

S7E08: The First Bite

D24 Durians from the forbidden forest soaked in white wine,
Saliva of the promiscuous troll mixed with the heart of an effeminate pig,
Two drops of  scavenger's tear and 0.05% of mercury...hehehehe 

"I persist. This war needs commencement and I shall be the one to take the lead", the evil witch said. "A poisonous D24 would be the best bait in the history of dark magic" she howled. So, the evil witch commands her minions to the land of Jewels, impersonates young college teenagers to share D24 as offerings to the targeted individuals.

"Reeta & D24"
It was a fine morning, Reeta woke up after long hours of series marathon and an exquisite porridge filling the empty compartments of her stomach when a young girl knocked on her room door. She got off her bed, saw the unclosed Charles' facebook profile tab on her notebook screen that she forgot to shut down after midnight stalking and opened the door. "Good Morning! Good Morning! Peace offerings from Charles to everyone in this land" but before the young girl could finish Reeta grabbed the D24 and gobbled it up. Halfway through, her visions darken and she fainted.

"Courtney & D24"
[music playing] 1, 2, 3, 4 turn your body...5,6,7,8 star jump..good..goood. Her workout routine is always the best part of the day, where she jumps and dance care-freely. Patel and Foxy came to her room, "Courtney, look what we found? D24 right in front of your room?...Hey, there's a cute card saying... I'm sorry from Charles" they both giggled. Suddenly, a skype call came in, and it's Justin all the way from Canada. "Nahhh, later..I've got to taste this yummy D24" she said while putting the yellowish flesh of D24 into her mouth. The next second, she fainted on Patel and Foxy. "OMGGGGG!!! Courtney!!! Grab the water! Grab it now!!!!" Foxy screamed. "Huh?" Patel wondered. 

"Ally & D24"
"Banu, I have decided that I'm leaving Charles for my own good" Ally affirmed. Banu startled and gave her a blank smile. "OMG! A gift box? Like seriously? From who?" Banu excitedly asked. "OMG! Charles!!!!! Look it's your favorite D24, look at those inviting yellow juicy flesh" but before Banu could eat them all up Ally took a bite and fell onto the floor.

"Tiffany & D24"
 It was just in time for dinner when Tiffany was served with D24 rice generously by the lady in the cafeteria. "Dear child, have a taste it's our new breakfast meal". "Wow! My favourite...but can I wait and eat em up with my friends later?" Tiffany asked. "It's a peace offerings from a young handsome son..Charles..take a bite dear child...take a bite..."the old lady insisted. And so, Tiffany tasted the D24 rice and she fell, lying on the cafeteria next to the stray cats gobbling up the fish bones.

**to be continued**
S07E09: Four Coffins & A Kiss

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

S7E07: Tiffany & Charles

Fair and gentle, soft and steady, decent but not that very innocent. Who else is it if it's not Tiffany Tramp dressed in red dress and thick glass bee-eyed shade and a floral hat with a cute sling bag. "Are you new here?" Charles approached Tiff. "Sorry, I don't talk to jocks" she replied and left Charles hanging there by himself. At that instance, Charles realised that the battle to win the heart of Tiffany Tramp is so on.

The next day, Tiff and her best friend Banu had lunch together in Jewels' Grills. While Banu was busy sharing her adventures leading the head of volleyball's team, Charles made his way to both of them. "Heyyyy Banu, heard you did a great job with the volleyball team?" Charles interrupted. "Hey yo dood! Waddup! Yea, volley girls rock! Hows ruggers doing" Banu asked but before the conversation could go any further Tiff took her purse and left the table. "See you in the lecture Banu!" she said while hurrying towards the front door.

Charles then asked Banu, "What's with her? Seems like she's avoiding me all the time?". "Well, it's not your fault you're too awesome to date a typical girl like her. You might as well talk to Ally, she's all over you!" Banu replied. 

Sitting opposite Banu and Charles was Reeta. She has been lonely for quite some time. She was never in a special relationship before and all she wondered was how thus it feels like to be in one. While she took her time gazing at Charles sexy back, a guy came towards her. "Hey! Is this free seat's available? I'm Noah anyway" said Noah, an exotic mix-blood dude with a face where the famous Lee Hom was born. Conversation has a flow, so that's how Reeta first special encounter is about to begin.

Meanwhile, Courtney is having period pain again and she couldn't hold it this time. "Patel and Foxy! Please accompany me to The LOLs store, I need to stock up on the necessities" cried Courtney. So off they went to The LOLs, one of the famous mini mart in the land of Jewels. On their way there, Courtney bumped into a new dude in town. "OMG! I'm sorry!!! Sorry!!! I'm in a hurry!!!" Courtney stammered. "It's okay, I'm George" the guy replied.

She's not a chatterbox,
but she's a fox,
be careful Tiffany Tramp,
you don't wanna be rammed.

**to be continued**
S7E08: The First Bite

Sunday, October 14, 2012

S7E06: Foxy's Retreat

Patel has never been this depressed in her life. It has been 12 hours since Bruce's funeral and all she could picture was his charming smile and all those romantic words he cast on her when they were at the initial monkey love moment. KNOCK! KNOCK! "Patel! Open the door! It's me!" said a voice from outside her house. Patel dragged herself to the front door to entertain the visitor. "SURPRISE!!!!!". It's Foxy in her Leopard-print Versace's head scarf decently decorated with pretty white lily brooches and yea of course her swag. "Here, hold my Galaxy Tab and press the silver button on the screen" Foxy said. Patel was horribly depressed but she was forced to entertain Foxy (her BFF). When she touched the silver button on Foxy's expensive gadget, the screen transited and a picture of an antique gold ring decorated with three tiny emerald diamonds became visible. "This is now yours" Foxy interrupted. "OMG!!!!" Patel cried and burst into tears. Foxy then continued "I know how much this meant to you, I know that you fell apart when you have to sell it to the antique store when you were totally broke and it's the first ever gift Bruce has given you. Foxy took a small black cubicle, opened it and gave it to Patel. "It's all yours now" she added.


Dressed in his pale pink long sleeve and brown khakis, with an adequate trimming of the facial hair and the light green contact lens Charles get himself ready to impress the freshmen. "I'm gonna get myself a wife this year..haha" he whispered confidently in front of the mirror. As he walked towards the office building, he intercepted Reeta at a junction..but before Reeta could say a single word Ally came into the way and moaned "Charlllllleeesssss....Allllyyy is so tirrreeddd...Allyyyy needsss a huggggggg" and she hugged Charles. Reeta faked a smile and left. Meanwhile, Courtney, Patel and Foxy made their way towards  Charles and Ally and the ugly picture. "Hey Ally, how's you're Chlamydia going on?" Patel provoked while Foxy added, "Yea, and I heard you're tainted peaches are selling fast too". And the three of them gave her a b&*^ laugh. 

But before things turned any uglier, Charles laid his eye on a beautiful figure. A new girl in town, with short red skirt, lovely pink neck scarf, vogue shades and a Prada hanging elegantly on her wrist. His could feel the juices flowing, the adrenalin rush and the towering interest to go and talk to her. 
Foxy, Foxy the Queen of Money,
Her thoughts are so fond but her acts are so naughty,
Though her money and diamonds are awfully plenty,
She's gonna need more than that to help Courtney. 

**to be continued**
S7E07: Tiffany & Charles

Friday, October 5, 2012

S7E05: Bruises of Bruce

Keith took the bottle filled with purple pixie dust and hurried back home. When he entered the house, Patel was standing there putting on a worried expression. "You've gotta a have a clear picture in your head and say out the wish clearly" Keith told her and grabbed her palm. Patel grabbed the bottle of pixie dust firmly in her palm, closed her eyes and then she muttered, "Shallow and hollow makes no great sense, to Bruce my love I shall  be sent". And...PLURP, they both disappeared. Patel's vision faded and she could no longer see the night sky in the land of Jewels, everything kept twirling around. All she saw was dark illusions with holographic picture of her life experiences. Within minutes, her visions came back and....."OMG! Bruce!" she yelled in shocked. Bruce was lying on the floor and his body is bleeding very badly. "The witch took me here!", Bruce uttered softly and then fainted.

Patel screamed her heart out, "BRUUUCCEEE!!!". Appearing from the hallway accompanied with thunderous sounds of footsteps were Scarlet, Keith and Pearl. "What happened here?" Scarlet asked. "OMG, it's Bruce my son! Quick...Anyone knows CPR? Can somebody call 911" she squalled. Pearl took her smartphones and made a quick call. Soon the hallway became overcrowded with people from attending the Founders' Ball wanting to know the excruciating details about what happened in the guest room. The Founders' Ball turned into a disaster when police and ambulance came. Bruce was admitted in the intensive care unit.

"I knew it! You caused all this! My Bruce have always had a great life until he met you!" Scarlet  hollered to Patel. Patel replied with an anxious expression, the only thing that she had in her mind was just wanting to see Bruce smiling, holding her hands and talking to her again. "Scarlet, that's enough. Patel, you need to leave we'll take care of Bruce" Pearl interrupted. So Patel left the land of Myst and headed back to the land of Jewels.

 The ICU was where she did it all,
She killed lovely Bruce and Scarlet after all,
but devious Pearl escaped her trick,
oh no the Evil Queen is worried sick.

**to be continued**
S7E06: Foxy's Retreat 

-it really has been awhile, Charles, Courtney, Reeta and more will be back-

Friday, September 28, 2012

S7E04: Mama Diva

Rise and shine Jewelians, it's time to walk down the memory lane. Seems like somebody from the past has just made her remarks in the Founders' Ball this year.


Though the hustles and bustles in her working life, she decided to come back. And this time, it's for the Annual Founders' Ball held in the land of Myst (a small town, located 15 mins away from Pedanted Coral).  

The limo stopped right in front of the main entrance, where flashes of lights emerged from cameras as the shutter's been released. The driver hastened to the back door, opened it and smiled at the mysterious figure inside the limo. Then slowly, she came out...and's her..but wait..seemed like she did not turn up alone after all, emerging next after her..a tall brunette in her elegant black heels with little white pearl earings...oh my2! what do we have here? Two 'it' girls whose never on any girls's 'fav list' but always in every boys' dream.

The Evil Queen made her way to the stage, cleared her throat and welcomed everyone to the ball; "Welcome ladies & gentlemen, to this year's Founders' Ball. Now, on behalf of the founders family, I..." but before she could continue...her vissions captured the image of two ladies walking into the hall. "Scarlet & Pearl?!" her voice peaked then she continued, "Scarlet, where's your chinese husband? and Pearl in brunette hope you got lucky tonight, consider the upcoming moments as a gift from me for stealing what used to be mine!".


Meanwhile, Keith made his way through the dark and scary forbidden forest to meet Pixie. Well, the journey wasn't long though, he rode his exclusive EX5 to the secret cave located 15 minutes away from the settlement area. There, he met Pixie; knitting tiny mittens with golden threads. "Well, as I've anticipated. You would be coming to me for help" said Pixie. Keith replied, "Our love journey might have ended but our friendships remains til eternity". Pixie smiled, took a bottle filled with purple pixie dust from her swag and replied, "You're one smart guy Keith".

Swipe those hair color, 
oh dear lector,
you'll find two dolls, 
kissing fellow trolls

**to be continued**
S7E05: Bruises of Bruce

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