Tuesday, July 7, 2009

LoNG liVE de BiAtCH QuEen!!

7/7/09..wow..what a date...I find it very interesting the moment I logged in my facebook account. Guess what...the queen of bi*ch (a.k.a biatch=in our secret lang.) commented on Kelantan internet connection. Damn it! She said she's not surprised hearing from me but kinda stunted on; how on Earth did I manage to get an internet connection in Kelantan?? Duh~ Guess what?? I'm surprised too..hahahk!!! Truth be told, Kelantan is way..way..different than the last time I dropped by for a visit (which is not really a visit cause I'm involved with some kind of competition). I'm loving it...Gosh...the environment, the people...except for the food (penang are way better). Anyway...this is my first writting ever on blogspot...Kinda short...not that *biatchy* enough..huh~ but I'll try to improve from time to time...


  1. Liyana Hafawati...I met her during Matriculation...hahaha...

  2. ur so tokin abt me..owh im so tellin da fb manager..


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