Sunday, December 5, 2010

S4x03: Those Days

Take a glimpse at some old pictures of yours. How much could they really tell you about the past?. I was speaking to my eldest sis about my childhood years. It was 1999, when I first took part in a storytelling competition and my eldest sister was the one who wrote the story entitled "Harimau dan Tikus" (said as The Lion and The Mouse in english). The feeling, the environment, the crowd was so different back then. My first attempt was so WOW..hahaha...I could still remember the part when I imitate the voice of the mouse and the lion; the crowd broke into laughter. When I was still a kid, I am pretty darn naughty, you see my third sister told me this one story about how people in those days were so reunited. They really looked after their neighbors' children. When she went for Quran Reading class my brothers friend will be around telling her this; 

"Aku nampak hang buang tudung, dok keluaq tak tentu hala-aku bagitau mak hang xpun abang hang nanti terajang hang" (If I ever saw you going around without a scarf to cover your aurah/hijab or doing something unpleasant I'll tell your mom or you're brother will be kicking you if he finds out-English)

Those were the words that really put people of those days alert of what they should/shouldn't do even though they came in a form of threat. Key word: REMINDER. That's what people nowadays differ from people of those days, we forget to remind each other how bad we're getting, which line not to cross because we really believe in the theory of "silence means you know it on your own".  My mom said nowadays you couldn't just let your kids wonder around or run around with freedom like those days, people of the world are running short when it comes to love (they don't mind killing for the sake of temporary wealth). Keep your kids under your supervision until they are really big and mature enough to face the world, embed them with religious knowledge and motivation (positive influences). Better be safe than sorry people. When the world gets more advance, the more rules will need to be invented to keep ourselves secure. It's okay if I'm so Yesterday.

As time passes by, my eldest sis got married and in a few years later this is a whole new picture of her life:

 My eldest sis and her family
 My nephew Haziq Zakwan and my niece Roudhotul Husnina
My niece at Genting Highlands

My eldest sis turned out to be so my mom the way she raised her children and in terms of finance. Well, a few years later my brother got married and his love for children became bolder with the presence of his first son, my nephew:
My nephew-Uwais Nasri

Next year, my second sister is getting married and in a few years later her life will change to. And it seems like I'm the only one left. The youngest child in the family. My siblings turned out to be so nice just the way my parents wanted. The big question is...Can I? Whatever it is, I believe that despite all those mistakes I've done I am sure that all I want now is correct them and keep reminding myself about those days.....


Saturday, November 27, 2010

S4x02: "Trick" or Treat?

Trick-or-treating is a customary practice for children on Halloween seen in many countries. Children in costumes, either in large groups or accompanied by an adult, travel from house to house in order to ask for treats such as candy (or, in some cultures, money) with the question "Trick or treat?". The "trick" is a (usually idle) threat to perform mischief on the homeowners or their property if no treat is given. -wikipedia-

 It happens every year in the west countries where people celebrate things that they fear most. You see, the beauty of tradition is that more or less the concept is almost the same around the world; if you notice. Here in Malaysia, when it's Hari Raya children will be knocking door-to-door receiving "duit raya" (well muslims are encouraged to share their wealth among each other via donations) its just that we don't have the "trick" thing being applied; you know, we don't perform mischief on the homeowners here in Malaysia. Back then when was in my primary years, I love the door-to-door adventure. Some people gave me 1 ringgit, a few gave me 2 ringgit and most people give me 20-50 cents..hahaha.

Okay back to the Halloween thingy, the thing which I fear the most is this....

 if they come in low quantity such 1 or 2 its fine...I love holding em..but if...they come in a large quantity
like this...

OMG! just get them away from me. Haha...Yes people, I am a FEATHER+PHOBIC=FEATHEROPHOBIC (im not sure whether this exist or not)

When I was small (around 6yrs old), I was warded because of a bird (a pigeon to be specific). I was on my way back home, climbing up the staircase when my friend tried to scare me with a pigeon. Guess what? It worked! The moment the pigeon opened up its wing, I got so scared so I ran, stepped onto a mini water pool (or loopholes or I have no idea what its called in English) tripped and my head hit the staircase edge. Six stitches all the way onto the cut. What a memory, until today when it comes to anything with feathers? (chicken, birds, peacock)...ok im out. They might Wow me with their beauty but I will never ever dream of being close to one. 

NEXT SUNDAY | S4-Episode 3

Sunday, November 21, 2010

S4x01: Remember Mr. WOW?

-Let me begin this whole new season with a "short" reminiscence of a history of this one particular guy-

It was 1998 when he first learned the art of telling a story. He walked on a big stage facing a huge crowd of pupils and teachers, the microphone was already on. So he began with a story entitled "Harimau dan Tikus". There were so many punchlines that put the crowd into laughter but some giggled with joy. He made it; he won the competition. The following years, he took part in competition by competition until the year 2002 he , where made a remarkable achievement. The first boy of Sekolah Kebangsaan Batu Lanchang who made it to the Nationals for The Islamic Storytelling Competiton representing the Penang state. He didn't really win the competition but make it to the top 10. At the end of 2002, it was the Academic Day, he was awarded "The Most Outstanding Student of SKBL 2002". He was not just a good storyteller but also participated in sports, art performances, was a school prefect and many more. Of course, I really know this particular guy very well. He was standing outside the hall when the MC read his background and achievements; it was so touching. Then he went up the stage with his two parents. That was the greatest moment of his life, having his parents by his side holding his hands on stage. In 2003 to 2007, victories, achievements, etc are part of his life. Every year, there's always something new being achieved; from storytelling to dramafest to debate. Life for him was just great, or should I call it a Big Wow. BUT, of course; every victory comes with assisting pains and tears. I called him Mr. Wow back then.  Medals, trophies, certs. I wish I could remember the Mr. Wow. You see, when we grow up, life seems to steal a lot from us; instead it starts offering something new, each and everyday.So, I ponder....who is this Mr. Wow?..and here goes:

Years have passed, the trophy gets kinda dusty

~When I saw this..I realized that the Mr. Wow was me~

So, I promise myself; It's a whole new beginning and Mr. Wow will need to make his appearance very soon

F.Y.I: This is not a post about how great I am, I need to write things to see things; that's just me

Friday, November 19, 2010

Season 4 Premiere: Big WOW & Big OUCH?

In life, there's sometimes a short cut but most of the time you're gonna be needing a one
or maybe a few long route before achieving what you really want. You see; people look at things in many different ways.
In my life, I've met two special people.

1) The one who choose to do it right

Given in the condition of ones family, one still willing to work during semester break. Look after ones sibling since one is the eldest. Participates in many activities, still have time to hangout with friends. The best part, one indulges the pain all on ones own. 

Tell me something, how come people still do it right when life puts a big pressure on you. A serious salute to you friend.

2) The one who choose to do it one step less from the word right

Given in the condition of ones family, one decides to trade ones pride for a few moments of "joy". I know your in pain, I know its not what you want, I know you're trying to get yourself out of it. I bet you you feel the same's just...

Tell me something, are we designed this way? So that some can be the strong brave ones who can get through everything and the other

You all new season will be hell lot more difficult to go old feelings are back,
I know this is a test from God, a test to check on my progress..Have I been learning from life? Or Have I been enjoying too much?

This Whole New Season will be about me getting rid of the old feelings and this time I'll work very hard to do it right. Another thing is..if I wanna big WOW..I'll be needing A Big OUCH!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Talking To The Moon

Bruno Mars - Talking To The Moon
-current obsession-

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ba & Mak

I call her Mak and I call him Ba. There are my mum and dad-my parents.

You see, I was alone in my room (not really alone, just to be dramatic) looking at my photo album. My friends Rhoe and Zaf told me decorate the pages of the album using my graduation flower`s petals which my parents bought for me and Rhoe. And then there is one picture of me in my parents' room, sitting on the praying mat with a "lebai" on my head; I was 3 or 4 years old at that time I guess. Looking at the old cupboard, the old TV sets parents are designed to bounce back I think, given in what we have today. Im scared, know being the child of hopes...Im worried if I cannot make them proud of me, Im afraid I'll screwed up...Ba and Mak, you guys are amazing people so as my siblings....I'll put this post on hold first..I saw Ms Izyan (Ecology lecturer) tgh on9 FB. I'll get back to this after my paper tomorw. Tata, readers~  

Friday, November 5, 2010

Empire State of Mind Too

~to fulfil my BFF's request, here goes~

    One hand in the air for the big city,

    Street lights, big dreams all looking pretty,

    No place in the world that can compare,

    Put your lighters in the air, Everybody says yeah~yeah~yeah

Oh yeah! Two papers done another five to go. Let's talk Kenegaraan Malaysia. After a very long argument with my bro regarding the importance of numbers, I finally learned that the result of long challenging debate is a MIGRAINE! FGS, I stayed up til 1.30 a.m and woke up at five but still I don't think the pain is gone, so I have to sleep again and wake up 1 1/2 hour later. Not enough time to study, pressured and stressed out AND I couldn't really answer the paper! So, I sat there for two hours wondering what happen during Kerajaan Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, what is Gagasan 1 Malaysia is about and some other questions which I find quite "interesting". Done with that, I had lunch with Kuvinn, Alex, Reva, Khirija and was fun though especially when we talked about our crazy journey with Konsortium Mutiara (Fast and Furious huh?).   
and here's the punchline:

Khirija said, "Are you guys sure? Saya rasa bila naik bas tu macam tengah dodoikan saya sampai tidur!"

What a moment, and then, I got this from Martina Irwan Khoo on her FB:

1. Violent 2.I'd marry you 3.Sweet 4.Beautiful 5.Talkative 6.Hot 7.Fit 8.Funny 9.Fun 10.Perfect Type 11.I love you 12.Missing you 13.Retarded 14.Blonde 15.The Best 16.Wish you were my boyfriend/girlfriend

some wrote 17, etc like OKAY, I get it..hahaha

Enough with that, lately I've been doing some reminiscing of the past quite a lot, hell lot. I remembered those days when my brother thought me how to really kick a football (and I disappointed him). I never really know how to kick a ball, maybe that's what keeping me from feeling like a real dude at this age *giggles. AND, another journey of the "Hey-lets-learn-how-to-kick-a-ball" happened! My other bro here in UMK tried to fill me in with such skills. Let see how far it'll work this time.
Another thing about me is, I don't like people talking about my soft part including my emotions or should I say love life. Stay out of it okay. So this one day, my pals talked about this girl which I really salute. She's brilliant, English educated, and should I say a perfect house maker from what I heard. 

Here's the thing, when comes to Fert and Love never asked or acquire for further details. I need to feel special, and have a special feeling for her. If the feeling of love can be discussed in a impromptu way, I guess it won't be that special anymore. So just let me and feelings alone for a while okay. And later my gym coach, football coach and also my brother did this piece of artwork on my lappy while watching some stuffs I have in my external hard disk.

Check this out!

Seriously, my wallpaper? 

You know one thing bro, I'll go for her in my own way. Thanx for the words of wisdom.

In a few days my exam will be over, and I'll be off to Penang my hometown. Time to start brainstorming ideas for the next season of Fertalicious So Delicious!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Empire State Of Mind

It was the past that insisted me to write this,
It was the past that woke me up yesterday-telling me your way behind,
It was the past that awaken some old feelings,
It was the past that brought back some pathetic tears,
It was the past that cause this sudden urge to think-really think,

It was mid 2006 when everything started. 

but I'm not going to write more here, If I let myself crouch in my bed under the blanket trying to hide from Misery, stalking the Venom, indulging some kind of imaginary moments with those Songs, I'm so delusional. 
but I'm hurt

with friends who could never understand the pain I'm going through even though it was not well portrayed in my words, actions and expressions. You guys are the people I've known for years, and taking it out on me is the best way, the best solution or should I say; the easiest means of trying to hurt me. Fine, you guys win.

One thing about me, I seldom let it out...Instead I would let it out through works, works, works...
I need stress, pressure, etc

One day I really want to see myself becoming more successful than you, like my friend used to say;

"It's not here (pointing to the heart) but it's all here (pointing to the brain)"

Yeah, it's all the empire state of mind.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Bree Week

When most of my friends in overseas are busy writing about what they are going to do during winter, I guess mind would be more on what am I going to do during "Musim Tengkujuh". Cold, windy, rainy....haha..

Here when its Musim Tengkujuh in Kelantan it equals to the end of another semester. Wow, time really pass in just a blink of an eye. What more, with my tight and busy schedule since I've discovered some other sides of me..or should I said my sudden interest.

1) Our selected a few of us to represent our university for a Financing Quiz in Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya which was organized by PNB

to be honest, me and my teamates have no background in financing so what we did was basically spying on others' answers and started guessing which one is closes to our logic mind

2)Not only that, since the new season of Desperate Housewives is on air, I'm dying to watch the season's sneek peek!

3)FB+ing is a must!

4)A few weeks earlier, I've discovered my sudden interest in cinematography..I'm so into video making. I've even have some plans to shoot a 20 minutes short movie project next semester!

My First Video, Production Team

5) Classmates and Birthdays are part of the joys!
Another Birthday Boy!

6) Pranks and Quality time with friends make it better
 Blindfolded Birthday Boy!
Food Village costs more than pride?

7) Participation in some charity work, like teaching primary school students English~that's fun
Me and Kazimah as English Facilitators!

8) The Vermicompost Business is the new direction

ProEco Team; Dayah, Mae, Me (Fert), Faai, Zaty, Zee

9) Leaked copy of my primary years picture!
I got third placing in my class, Me, Naazirah and Say Keong

and of course.......I'm in my Bree Week!
Bree Week = lots of study+pressure, lots of housekeeping and high hygienic's all about housekeeping myself for the better me, next semester!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fert & Triumph

Thank You Iqlima

I don't know why, but I am so in my writing mood now. I spent the whole day wasting my time worrying over the upcoming projects involving green screen shooting and some other things. I sat in my room, thinking, pondering and much I've changed these days. I have this attitude; easily distracted and too much anxiety over something. Moments ago, I spent a couple of hours sitting in a table with my friends talking about our lives..years be really's a confession:

To my dearest Izzaty Iqlima,

Your presence triggers my anxiety and I would later than have doubts in me; regarding my ability and potential..I felt like a loser having you around because you are one impressive yet superb girl. When we switched stories about the past; I adore your talent, leadership, ideas and ability. You are a very daring, outspoken or should I say a true all-rounder. Having you in UMK really motivates me to do better than you. When you questioned my ideas and plan I felt very insecure because I know yours is better than mine.

but then...Thanks...

Your nature cause a sudden urge in me to realise how far am I missing...losing...right now;
here in UMK

Am I a loser when I was chosen to be here in UMK? OMG! Wat da fert happened to me?....I was from MRSM of the prestiges school in Malaysia...I was once a best debater, story-telling champion, tokoh pelajar during my primary years, I was involved with so many things that relate to success!!!!!..What am I now? Why am I losing to nothing at this moment in my life? Am I having a midlife crisis?

You see, I remembered my teacher telling me this;

I see a lot of things in you, potentials and excellency in your future life..

Yeah, that's what they said....but the problem is...I couldnt really see it clearly now...I am very weak..I need my friends and the environment I used to be in to express myself as a winner in most things. Without the I am....NOTHING!

Dear readers, I know the moment you guys read'll have little thoughts in your minds..What a bragging bitch! Sorry, but I am really at my low point..I'm actually looking at myself falling into a hole of shame and lost but I couldn't do anything...

My warden used to say this:

What actually determine your success? It's you early in the dawn. How you wake up; first thing in the morning and plan your life? How you arrange them one after another.

This is my theory:

Your life is actually a system, fueled up by the energy of your prayer and positive spirits or thoughts. Surroundings is the key to the theory of want a positive need positive input to be more dominant than the negative input..or in other words..

"Tak kisahlah you otai ke ape..rockers ke ape..first thing is..hubungan dengan Allah S.W.T kena betul...kalau nak beribadat sekadar tunjuk-tunjuk, buat kerja sebab nak dapat nama dan pujian, etc...Sorry and paham2 je la"

Yea3x, dats my relation with my creator is weak..dulu time sekolah I guess I menumpang and take advantage of the positive surrounding...and now...Im adapting to the one im living in now...drifting away from the original track..very life's principle....

I guess..this is enough

Im taking a break...a  moment to stop, turn back and remeniscene how things were back than and improve myself...

All I can say, it is difficult..but I can do this :)

This was written weeks back, couldn't remember the exact day & date

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Fertalicious Day!

Oh yeah! It's my birthday 21st September 1990~Celebrated it with my friends; Acap, Zaty, Pa`a & Yan~

Oh Im now 20!!!!

Thanks all FB frens who wished my birthday...and thank you to Mamalicious Kazimah for the cake n 100 PLUS!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Journey

Should I blame God for whoever am I today?
Should I or Shouldn't?
Yea...I know...Your mind freezes for a few seconds sending impulses via neurons to your brain. You needed the best answer right? The one that you think is fully equipped with balanced or rationalized thinking?
I would say its a journey. Everything that we do in life is a Journey. What's a Journey? Imagine a road that your walking on, in your life. A lonely road that you've never been before. Well, thinking is also some form of journey. You needed time and path; to define whether the thinking or thoughts are right or wrong.
How are you suppose to know what lies ahead?

You never know

Something happened to me last night. I got crazy, unstable and it happened that my life journey seemed to have another growing branch in its path.

I'm so confused at a point. I have mixed feelings;

a little excitement, anticipation for 7th Season Premiere of my all-time-favourite soap opera

blended well with plenty of Mr. Guilt

And I spare myself a little room to be narcissistic like I always do

Narcissism is the personality trait of egotism, vanity, conceit, or simple selfishness. Applied to a social group, it is sometimes used to denote elitism or an indifference to the plight of others.
The name "narcissism" was coined by Freud after Narcissus who in Greek myth was a pathologically self-absorbed young man who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool. Freud believed that some narcissism is an essential part of all of us from birth. Andrew P. Morrison claims that, in adults, a reasonable amount of healthy narcissism allows the individual's perception of his needs to be balanced in relation to others.

Well, life really is a journey after all...I'm truly unstable right now, I dunno what am I writin. 

To conclude:

 You never know what lies ahead

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fasting with "After Effects"

It really has been a while dear readers. I've been spending my last few days watching the After Effects tutorial on Youtube and bugging my friend Zharif Azfar to help me brainstormed some ideas for the upcoming event promotional video. Working actually fuels me up but after days of learning I started to have this mindset; "Well, not that difficult after all" here's some spoofs on what happened few days back:

1) Watched latest season 7 preview & behind the scene of Desperate Housewives
2) Got absorbed with Adobe After Effects
3) Brainstormed ideas for FASA promotional video

3.5) Break Fast with Lily Rose: The Lady from Egypt
and this is what happened after the crazy reunion!!!!

Lily Rose is back from Egypt and she's double the crazy. We hanged out like for almost five hours to the extreme...haha..and guess what we just talked, and talked (exclude the facts that we actually played some games at a game centre and we sucked!! haha) She said this one thing, "Dear my best gay friend if you would are to have a girlfriend please lay out the details to me first. Don't ever shocked me like my French guy fren!!!"..and the this one Aunty came to promote a bank card..she ran away and said "Oh no, I got no money!!!"...hahahahah...Lily you need to know this: You are so hilarious!!!!

4) Shopped for hari raya
5) New hair cut!!!!!!
6) Got in a FB battle with Ucop Ax

7) Reminiscence  

~Couldn't say much; but I almost sobbed and cried haha reminiscing the past~

Dear readers: It is almost three AM. Today is Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Happy Eid Mubarak and do forgive me for all my wrong doings let it be intentional or unintentional.

REGARDS: Delicious Fert ~Gosh, I smell rendang already~

*p/s: Asyraf Hanafi, my life isn't that boring as you claimed

Thursday, September 2, 2010


31st August 2010 (8.30 a.m.)
One left four to go....
2nd September 2010 (8.30 p.m.)
Another left; three to go...

2nd September 2010 (9.45 p.m.)
One more left; two to go....
2nd September 2010 (10 p.m.)
Mr. Man Utd : Wow, I think we should try the Afugato...ada ice cream ni, mesti sedap
Miss Shh...    :  Hey, ya la why not..
Mr. Man Utd : Peach drink?
Miss Shh....   : No, no...Afugato
Say hello to AFUGATO!
  So damn hell; BITTER!!!! Pure espresso
and hell yeah we take turns to finish the espresso..hahah
and on our way back....I got a..
(if this is how it's spelled)

Yeah, I get it...this post was lacking of emotion somewhere..(Not so me huh?)..Hahah
It was a great journey having you guys around, cheering each other up. When you guys left one by one..I can feel the spaces in my heart. Happy Eid guys..Safe Journey Home!!
3rd September 2010

10 a.m. = Semi-last one will leave, one to go
9 p.m. = One left, none to go

~Goodbye UMK, The Outcast Will Be Back for more~

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To My Dearest Curve

This is the video I promised you....

Dear curve: Please laugh like you always do once you've watched this!

*two days left before the Raya break, I'm gonna miss all of them haha..

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Adrenalin Is Back!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


The taste Of Victory

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some People

I couldn't say much....

Woke up this morning and experience bleeding again...

It gets worst from day to day...
That's why some people never get it, why I worked so hard to make sure everything related to me is just right...

I've screwed up so much...

Ya Allah! The Most Gracious; The Most Merciful

I'm weak, unable and powerless to resist the temptations of living life the right way. It's a battle between the better angels of my nature and my inner demons. Someday I wish this would go but I realise I need to work for it and only with Your help I would make it through. This is difficult, for real..

If You need me to go now....
You know what's best for me..but one thing; I would try my best not to escape life on my own
because my life and death is only in Your hand

For some people, I may not seem like a standard they label with the Normal tag. 
Im AB+Normal but you are not the One Who created me...You never know

Yes, I've screwed up...

And it's time to put things back together...

Click on this!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The name Huckleberries

Kaboosh! You have been blocked from the name changing application on Facebook for two weeks! Oh DAMN! Haha..after a series of name changing on FB, from Firdaus Fert to Firdaus Fert Nathaniel to Firdaus Fert Hatcher to Firdaus Fert Salvatore and the latest which I was suppose to add the 4th name I was blocked! 

Firdaus Fert Salvatore Huckleberries
~no nudity-perverts-or any degree of sex related in meaning~

 The big question is why HUCKLEBERRIES? Now read this:

Often confused with the blueberry due to its close resemblance, huckleberries are a wild blue-black crunchy berry. Although very similar in taste, the big difference is the seeds within the huckleberry that give it a texture when fresh and its thicker skin. The flavor is a little more tart than blueberries, with an intense blueberry flavor. Huckleberries are not cultivated commercially, so you will have to find them in the wild. The entire fruit is need to remove the seeds. Huckleberries can be used interchangeably in most blueberry recipes, so if you find yourself with a huckleberry harvest, just choose a blueberry recipe and give it a whirl. Huckleberry season is normally from June through August. To harvest a large quantity, spread a clean cloth on the ground and shake the plant; ripe fruits will drop onto the cloth. Store at temperatures just above freezing with high humidity.
(Adapted from :

see the similarity??

 if NO? then no offense you are so Yesterday :))

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Friday, August 6, 2010

For Just A Minute

Give me a minute, to pause...calm down...and write what's on my mind...

For a minute....I saw the image of my family
How much hopes they put on me and how much love they gave...and what did I do in return?
Lies? Have I worked hard enough in my studies?

For a minute...I thought of these people
the outcasts;

the girl who goes all the way to the maximum pitch when I annoy her..
haha...I took this picture when she was about to smack me on the back

the two ladies who really care about me....from what I eat to what I wear. They even helped me get out from my "oh-my-it's-my-first-time-traveling-alone-freak-out-moment"..hehe..I really love you guys...

the pusher; push everything up to the limit...sometimes beyond the limit..too many exses (ex-gf) in his life...very pervert but good at cheering me and my other friends up every time the outcast hang out

For a minute....I thought of my long-known besties
I don't have to mention your guys know....We've seen each other grow and how much we have changed with time. Faced the worst of life together, enjoy the joy it has to offer together

For a minute...I thought of myself
How devoted am I to my creator? I thought of this when I was on the KLCC bridge..all alone with my thoughts meters above the ground between the highest twin tower in the world..... 

 For a minute...A new friendship was born

 I met these people during the IYC was great knowing them. I get to go shopping around with a Japanese girl named Haruna Aoyama..we swapped stories and information about our culture, was nice..I spoke to two PHD in psychology students from UPM (they're from Iran) was superb...I learned a lot from this conference.....
and then...for a minute..I thought of something
something...I don't usually think about...Illuminati and Freemason.....I started reading and watching stuffs about it. I need to know what is it about and how much it is affecting my life, my religion and my people. I can feel the goosebumps every moment I think about this. The theory of conspiracies in the world is more complicated then I thought it was. 
For just a minute....
our train of thoughts rushed in our mind....portraying images, reminiscing the past, present and future..A minute can be short or long..its a mind game...and a minute can just pass you without you noticing dear readers...let yourself...

for just a minute

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Like A Virgin

Stand, in the middle of the day and look at your shadows. What do you see? The two dimensional you. All black and plain..this is so Wayang Kulit. You see, my second week is so Like A Virgin. Haha...I am now part of the outcast team members. We hang out every time food is the subject of matter. They said I'm dull and I have no life so they force me to try new things in my life...hahaha.....I have so many first times now because of them.

Blogging about the art of breaking the boundaries, UMK is quite a virgin when it comes to Club Activities etc. So with the help of a few friends, we managed to pull off a Debate & Public Speaking Workshop on last friday night (23rd July 2010). So, that's me in the picture briefing my colleagues about the debate starter kit.

These are the people who attended the showcase. We have more who came after 10.30 p.m. hehe...Last time, when I was in my Upper Secondary (specifically in MRSM Taiping) we had this English Motivational Committee (EMC). You see, the reason why I proposed the idea of having this club was due to the facts that I need a group of people to practice speaking English. The level will degrade if you don't practice and I was really hoping more people will join this club to improve themselves but UMK students were already in their comfort zone. They didn't bother about  this English thingy because they are busy Facebooking, Dating and do what ever they wanty and claimed that they are busy when they are just LAZY..hahah (that included me sumtime)..hahaha. During our debate demonstration my colleagues did very well. Thanks to William Ng, Yee Cang Ling, Martina, Kazimah, Marieanne and Speaker of the House (Faliza)..hahaha...
Next, I have this TKC Gurl (was a House Captain during her days in TKC) delivering her public speaking about soft skills. We had this session called the Open Sesame where each of our members will take turn to deliver a short 5 minutes speech before we begin with any activities. 

After the session me, Pa, Ma, her and another her hang out at Family Kopitiam till 2.30 a.m. hehe..but then I was pranged (btul ke word ni) haha... by Mr. Daniel and his friends (Kazimah, Jojie, Fallie and two other seniors). I thought the UMK staff was pissed off since I had the debate session or perhaps I did something wrong.. (gosh..there's just so many things that came across my mind at the moment)..

The whole second week, I was quite busy with so many things.Too many to do, and I have to keep reminding myself that I shouldn't neglect my studies. See you guys in my next post because I have something which I considered "useful" to share with. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't Tell Me What To Do

Yeah, we all say it when some annoying health conscious person put us in a very uncomfortable position leading us to the facts that we are dying of diabetes and that we are dying so soon. That really pushes me button!...Hahaha...I'm joking lol, You see after the health intervention session which was held in Family Kopitiam, I screwed up. I suffered from bloating stomach, ulcers and some intestinal issues due to the less-sugar diet (which I only focus on drinking plain water). Like most modern teenagers do when they discover they have committed sins; they GOOGLE for the consequences and the actual action plan to erase and re-erase the sins..hahah...and here's mine!

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve health. It is important for the prevention of many chronic illnesses and other health risks such as:
    • obesity
    • heart disease
    • diabetes
    • cancer etc
A healthy diet involves consuming appropriate amounts of all nutrients, and an adequate amount of water. Nutrients can be obtained from many different foods, so there are a wide variety of diets that may be considered healthy diets.
There are a number of diets and recommendations by numerous medical and governmental institutions that are designed to promote certain aspects of health. However the most recommended diet is a BALANCED DIET. This diet is even indorsed and recommended by the World Health Organization
A balanced diet is a diet that includes appropriate amount of nutrients especially the five major food groups. These five major food groups have been designed and put on a food pyramid to make it easier to understand. It is made up of
    • carbohydrates
    • vitamins and minerals
    • proteins
    • sugars and fats
    • water

The problem with eating unhealthy foods is it makes you crave even more junk food. A handful of chips usually leave you wanting more. Once you break the cycle of unhealthy eating, it’s easier to maintain good eating habits which lead to weight loss.
Junk food includes foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, cake, hot chips and pizza etc
Unhealthy food not only makes one prone to more illnesses, but they can slow down a child’s development. Smoking and regular drinking are also unhealthy. Smoking can cause lung and respiratory diseases, loss of memory as well as skin, nail and teeth damage. Drinking on the other hand can cause serious cases of liver damage, blurred vision and one can even become dependent on this substance.

and some extra Fertalicious tips to outer beauty. Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer and Wet Tissues (Like The Baby wipes). A healthy skin is the skin with enough moisture to glow with the glory look! Check out mine! Pure, Innocent and Absolutely VIRGIN!..hahahahaha

 So fellow readers, start living a healthy lifestyle, get to know your health facts and start planning a healthy way of living. Trust me, you don't want to wait until someone annoys you and pushes your button!...Hahaha...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Couldn't Say More

How should I put this....hurmm...absolutely a very surprising beginning. Despite the facts that I was truly excited to start this new semester, I was thunderstruck at the point of realising that I could not online for almost a week. No internet means, no blogging updates, no FB and above all NO LIFE! hahaha...The first week started well, since I was among those early birds, so I managed to check in early and spend the first weekend with the other two busybody early birds namely Zaty & Mooi at TESCO (wow..what a place)
 On the way to TESCO we took a bus and then walked till we reached there

These few weeks were absolutely hectic so many works yet so many time to hang around and laugh. Haha...

Check out my new planner board

Now with a little zoom in...check out wats on it...haha

I couldn't say more these weeks but I promise more to come very soon :))

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