Friday, April 30, 2010

A Skeleton In My Closet

I could have never imagine how the real me is. I'm fake! Just like a living puppet, full with deception. Talking about deception, an art that is designed to mislead others from the truth (which most of us resorted to), I wonder if there is any expiry date when it comes to subscription of the living art? Well, lets start by rolling your eye balls (adjust your vision) a little bit to the left and take a close look at the picture of the America #1 favorite TV Show; Desperate Housewives. From the very left, we have Gaby (Eva Longoria) holding a broken mirror followed by Lynette (handcuffs), Susan (a knife), Bree (a whip) & Eddie (a gun). I would have to say that the map of the evil side of me is perfectly illustrated by the housewives.

"Every cracks in the mirror, tells me how imperfect I am"
Hell yeah! I love looking at things when they are perfect but not when I looked at myself with the help of a mirror. Every cracks in the mirror, tells me how imperfect I am. You might be thinking why am I such an ungrateful b****, whining about how skinny I am, have a body figure which can be easily blown by an exhaling ant and not the all-girls'-dream-guy. Well, that's not the point; Imperfection is when you failed to correct the mistakes that you have done all the while knowing you have the ability and opportunity to do it. I would have to say, I am never lonely cause I have sins around me and with me, dragging me all the way from the righteous route of life. Every time I look at my face, I have this little voices telling me when are you going to finally put a stop to it. I don't know~It's addictive~sometimes it helps to boost my strength and help me to get through my days.

"It's like I was being handcuffed to a pipe, trapped in a house on fire"
It is part and parcel of life when you have committed something in the past; it is like you have been handcuffed to a pipe and trapped in a house which is on fire. You are unable to do anything to help yourself from the outside even though you are burning from the inside. It's just complicated because the past is never truly behind you and they have the possibility to come back running into your life adding on to the problems faced by you.

"I'm hiding with a knife in my hand, hoping to protect myself "
Next thing about me that you need to know is that, I am such a cold-hearted person if you provoked me due to the things which I would say do not make sense. Yes, we can be the best of friends but at the same time I'm hiding with a knife in my hand, hoping to protect myself from your venomous sting. You see, you could never truly trust anyone else but the Almighty. So, having a knife (it's just an analogy) could be a handy tool to cut off unlikely friendships in my life instead. Why not choose to just live on your own, having friends is part and parcel of life but the facts of life do not say that you need to have a few really close ones, one or two will do the trick.

"A whip, a worthy lesson"
A whip, a worthy lesson? Again, hell yeah! Every and each of us will encounter a point in our life that really brought us down and we felt as if the world was looking down on us. We all need this, we need to be smacked down by the circle of life sometimes to make us realize of truth besides moulding us into better Earthlings. Sadness is not a failure, sadness is a genius insight that will help us tip toe into the deepest secret of our nature. You can only see how pathetic you are if you are isolated from the crowd. At this juncture, it will suddenly hit you-"Maybe I shouldn't"

"Is it a gun, which I have been concealing all this while?"
"We all have hidden agendas in our life, even I do". I may gave you the nicest and sweetest smile anyone could never have given to you but deep inside of me, you never know. I admit that I have a horrible past, a dark (very dark) secret and things have forced me to be who I am today. Do not screw with me because we cannot prevent what we cannot predict. Is it a gun, which I have been concealing all this while. The truth is, I'm just afraid of the world that I'm living today because it hurts me more than it makes me happy.

"I have a skeleton in my closet, and I don't know what will happen when someone discovers the truth"

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Zippy!!! zippy!!!

"Shut it! Zip it! Nip it"

Painful but very true~ The facts of life, if you couldn't nip it then you should never hear it. Well, that's the venomous sting of gossiping, trashing others, etc. Long story cut short, I've learned a very big lesson in my life. It all began when you let yourself drown in a very interesting conversation among your friends moderated by your inner demons. It is not that I have never gossiped before but this time, the poison I have been spreading around seemed to be working on me. Kaboosh! And just like that, I have to walk another route of life~being a lone ranger. Well, to my fellow friends who find it very pleasing when you trash others, just wait till the time others trash you and at that moment I would be proud to say "Welcome To The Neighborhood". Dear Earthlings, learn to keep things to yourself or channel them it the righteous way.

"First we form habits, then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you."
Rob Gilbert

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