Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bad Dream? Apparently not a beautiful nightmare...Sorry Beyonce!

Despite the facts that I love the song Sweet Dreams by Beyonce, I totally despised it moments ago. I just woke up today and that is due to the most stupid yet offensive dream I ever had! It began in a mosque (I never learn the name), when I just finished with the Friday prayer. I was looking for my shoes (black PVC) and it was not there. Wat da heck? So I went looking around the mosque over and over again until I discovered all my other shoes but not the black PVC one. This is totally ABSURD! Well then, I got into a very big drain, started counting my money hoping not to be seen by others. Shockingly, ACAP APPEARED in his basketball jersey looking all sweaty and said:

Acap: What are you doing?
Me: Nothing...
Acap: Wat da hell...I saw you counting money...and then buat muka innocent because you have just called the others?? (this line doesn't not make sense at all...ape ko merepek ni Acap?....preposterous!)

Enough with that, then I came out of the spacious drain and started counting money in public. Then a guy appeared out of no where saying...OOoooo wat is dat? So, I started running away from me..and ...HE CHASED ME!!!!! He was so damn fast and he hugged me while trying to grab the huge amount of money I had. I bite his hand (I can feel his bone almost got off his joints..and he's gonna die) but then he pushed me aside and ran away. Here I am...broke!

Worst dream+Doesn't make sense=Trash!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nadia Tag Me..Wooo

To fulfill the rules set by the hottest and sexiest Queen of Flies, here goes:

10 facts about me

1) My nick> Fert
2) Fav. Food> Nasi Goreng Kak Zah (Depan Pantai Timur)
3) Fav. Drinks> Iced Milo
4) Damn crazy about desperate housewives
5) Narcissistic, I guess
6) "Doesn't" like to gossip
7) "Hates" R&B n Soul
8) Loves computer graphics & video editing
9) Really respects perempuan yang full with principle and pious (so as the dudes)
10) Loves day dreaming

10 things that scare me

1) mati!
2) sakit2 which have no cure
3) insects and any scaly animals
4) birds
5) talking about weird/superstitious thing in life
6) natural disasters?
7) heights
8) girls with big boobs
9) people despises me
10) kehilangan org2 tesayang

10 things which I always say

1) OMG
2) Wat da hell?
3) Seriously,....
4) like duh~
5) For God sake
6) la...yaka...
7) ceh...
8) Hey....
9) Gosh
10) Okay....

10 things which are very valuable

1) Family
2) my besties
3) my external
4) Roxzy
5) Aiken facial cleanser
6) Favourite Boxers
7) Free Wifi
8) ATM card
9) My handphone
10) Someone in the past

10 'first times' in my life

1) Met a freaky gal
2) Registered in boarding school when in form 1
3) Got into a pub (by accident) with matriculation friends
4) "One night Stand" in Penang during Matriculation
5) Travel on a plane from Penang to Kuching, Sarawak
6) Shortage of RM200, when working as a cashier
7) Called someone "Queen of Flies a.k.a Ratu Lalat"..hahaha
8) An old uncle tried to flirt me
9) Got kissed by a girl, on my final day at the kindergarten?
10) Gosh..there's so many first times kot

7 org bertuah

1) Zaty the westernizer
2) Acap the perverted Virgin I
3) Dian the Ice2x Babeh
4) Alyn a.k.a Kak Melur Sejati
5) Queen Of LALAT
6) Hanim the ???...hehe
7) awak dan awak yg takde name di atas tapi rase cam nak jwb.sile2. hehe ..khaliesah too...please answer..mohohohohohoho

Now that's the REAL finale!

Well, the whole thing was SUCKY?

It was what I have been anticipating for, The PDPZA Debate Championship...well...I would say it turned out quite well. Our team lost all rounds but we ranked 10th out of 12 with -15.5 margin. Hurmm, the whole thing was sucky? I don't think so~ Even though my body was in UiTM Dungun but my mind was way on the season finale of Desperate Housewives...hehe...and one more thing...most of the teams said that our UMK team was pretty good given in our condition, etc

We took a picture at Dewan *sumthin* the night before the final day there I am, new haircut (nerdy huh?) on the way back to UMK

Okay now people, issues on the table-the REAL finale? Haha..DH6x23 was heartbreaking as in the storyline. Angie killed Patrick Logan, Susan moved out of Wisteria Lane, Orson left Bree, and one of the housewives would soon learn that the child she's raising is not hers. What a twist! Hoogah2x!..Haha..Well, if DH6 had come to an end..I guess it's my turn to really end this second season and better start preparing for the all-new-season 3 of me in UMK...there are lots to do an d learn..I just simply can't wait!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

.I'm so sorry...I promise it would stop

What's running inside is weird. If and only if my family and friends know, I couldn't imagine what will happen. I think I might have it. I read about it; kinda similar about what's going on within...I also is not really IT....but I'm heading towards IT, when I started reading this:
  • Feeling hopeless, sad, or empty.
  • Irritability
  • Inability to experience pleasure
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Physical and mental sluggishness
  • Appetite or weight changes
  • Sleep problems
  • Concentration and memory problems
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • Thoughts of death or suicide
I don't know why..but too much is going on inside. I just don't know for how long can I suffer alone. I'm losing by my family and friends:

I'm sorry if I would disappoint you guys,
I'm so damn sorry if I blamed or about to blame you guys,
I'm extremely sorry if I keep failing to do what's right all the while knowing what am I doing was wrong, Yeah I'm so sorry....especially to myself

I have the greatest family on Earth~I'm just afraid if I would disappoint them. Most of the times it so damn difficult to put those emotions or feelings in your heart into words. My life is so complicated and I am one troubled boy. Ya and protect me..rigidity starting to fade...fragility is on its way

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zadom's Day Out with Ferty Ferty

Who+ray=like so hooraayyy a.k.a happy..Alrite, second day in Penang is actually second day of freedom! Went out wif my best buddy Zadom (Zharif + Condom)..haha...I slept at 4.oo a.m last night and woke up at 6.30 a.m....OSC (Oh So Crazie)'s my journey on the ferry

Once we met up at Penang Central, we had drinks and departed to SUNWAY watch the nightmare on elm street...yeeehhaawwww but sadly it's only premiere at night. WTH? We took a bus again to Megamall Penang. Had our breakfast and enjoyed the 6 minutes massage on the massaging chair..haha..

then we went for KARAOKE! All together we sang 10 was fun especially when we were out of tune, pitch, and wat so eva..hahaha

and then its...BOWLING time...and hell yeah I sucked at it just now...almost most of the bowling balls' holes did not fit in with my fingers! No wonder Zadom won today..haha!

What a wonderful day...p/s: IM HAPPY WITH MY LIFE!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

From Suburban Life to a ONE WAY life?

First day in Penang=so many things to do. Well, at least I had a long day today but it was fun though! First, I make my way to Gurney Plaza (Hell yeah! I really miss this place) cause I'll having a meeting with Kuvinn pertaining to the Recycling Campaign but before meeting her. I had my lunch in A&W (&*$% there ran out of Coney Dog!). Shit, how come they don't know how much I LOVE HOT DOGS!...Lol

Sadly, I was all alone.....huhu...Oo Momento, then I met Kuvinn at Starbucks (She brought along her Sister and niece-these people speak good english *love it*)

We talked about so many things, our passion, how workaholics ended up single till they die, yada2x....Well, sounded like a great day until........

I parked my bike in Prangin Mall Parking Lot

Abe Polis: Woih! Hang tau dak hang watpa?
(Looking very mad, not until I took off my helmet and smiled, he gave this wow-you-look-hot expression)

Me: *clueless*......ha....tak tau
(Haha...I knew exactly why but I was pretending)

Abe Polis: Hang tau dak ni One Way?
(Still trying to show that his is mad but cooling down)

Me: Laa...yaka..minta maap la abang saya tak perasaan pun signboard tu
(Okay...trying to recall how does the sign board looked like..hurmmmm....)

Abe Polis: Masalahnya, kami pun hang tak perasaan..jalan teruih ja macam tak respect kami langsung

Me: Laa...yaka..minta maap la abang...saya tak perasaan pun...saya pun masih baru lagi kat sini
(Seriously, I dunno what to say...suddenly I have this sudden bitchy urge in me so I said this)

Abe Polis: Tengok gaya macam selalu dok buat ja?

Me: Mana ada abang...saya jarang dok naek moto kat sini..saya dok blajaq kat kelantan...minta maap la naa..bukan sengaja

Abe Polis: Tak dak la bukan apa...bukan nak paksa hang respek kami..undang2 kena respek
(I think deep inside him, he's saying: Kesian budak ni dah la comey pastu nampak baik ja...tak pa la...lepaih la )

Me: Sory la abang naa...minta maap sangat2x....

Okay, this is like so funny but I promise I'll be a very good rider next time. Gosh! I can't believe my bitchiness work at this kind of situation. Seriously, I'm like so shaking deep inside but I managed to show that I'm okay and innocent....OMG...What a long day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Guess This Is Goodbye!

The Final Chapter?.....for now

After one short-crazy-busy-shocking-tempting-sporty-sinful yet heart-breaking~ it is...the final chapter. I'd stayed up the whole night packing up my things, watching Desperate Housewives and completing something (I was hired to complete this "something" thingy) before I bumped into Virgin I (still remember him?)..he bought "SUSU" and "AIS" ma....and I called Miss Goldfish (not Gold Digger LOL) seeking help pertaining to some car issues. Owh, anyway...the picture above? A.k.a my room..I mean that's the door I've been seeing for a year. We had so many memories together. Now let's recall:

#1: The First day of Sem II Lecture & Lunch with Dayah+Far
Yeah..look at all those faces beaming with excitement and happiness

#2: ProEco-ans & The Big Battle
Apparently, we didn't quite win the the end of the sem..things are still the way they are. I'm a little disappointed with myself...let see how things turn out next Chapter

#3: ASTAR Debate
Not the kind of victory that could let others said "Holy" and "Mother" at the same time. Ranked 12 (Speaker) and Won 1 Round. Well, it was a good start.

#4: FASA Sports Carnival & Colorful Night
SBN-mates trainin, SBH-pal posing & the girl who needed a chair to measure up

#5: Do you think I have the SEXY Gene in Me?

Yeah...I get it..too skinny..(get that a lot)..Come on people, I am a teenage boy- I have the urge to try things out, don't blame for trying to be narcissistic..even though I'm already one..haha

#6: Volley Me with Ami & Friends

We had dinner together when there's no one left in UMK..haha..kiddin...from the left we have Virgin I (trust me Virgin II is more sexy) and here's Ami; she loves Volley

#7: Desperate Me!

The best Season so far....Season 6 drives me crazy, I guess I've spent almost a hundred (for a complete season) to watch the episode online every single premiere of the latest episodes

#8: You say I go..I go

Room where I Groom! Haha..Owh ya, the window your looking at, I've been using them to stalk couples doing the nasty at the nearby pondok and of course I would be needing them if I happen to lock myself out

#9: Here's where Mama say Hi

This is the view in front of my house. Well, in a few hours I'll be watching 6x22 of DH and then... Penang, I'm gonna be there soon

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two virgins....and one long tête-à-tête

Define Virgin? Pure, Unaltered, Uncontaminated, Unadulterated~
Date : 7th May 2010
Social setting : Virgin I's room

Summary of Discussion

Issue #1: External please!

Virgin I : I want your external tonight. Come to my room and knock
twice. I don't want it to be a surprise.

Virgin II: It sure does :). But why mine?

Virgin I : It's full with surprises.... *wink*. I like when one spray like a

Virgin II: (=.+)

So, Virgin II did what one has to do....and Virgin I's room

Issue #2: Typical! Very typical!

Virgin II: Well... got stuck up here and things are like h*%$!!

Virgin I : Why can't they just relax, cool down and MOVE ON??? this is what we called:Typical...very typical

Virgin II: They cannot just move on..they need to poison others first, make us look bad and then they'll be satisfied. (In ones mind: typical Malay thinking would be like this does it look like? like duh~)

Virgin I : Yeah! right2x...hey (moving on to other issue..**explicit content**)

Issue #3: She's a bimbo!

Virgin II : I just don't like her boyfriend! He called me "sotong"

Virgin I : How did you know?

Virgin II : Well, they were in the pal was eavesdropping
but she's nice...

Virgin I : Of course she is..but she's the "perempuan lemah" t

Virgin II: I would say she's a bimbo ( for falling for
a guy like that)
Come on, who would wear such colored %^&* especially
when you have Malaysian colored skin.

Virgin I: **don't bother**...hey
(moving on to other
issue..**explicit content**)

Issue #4: The mouth says Yes, the boot says Otherwise

....after listening to Virgin II bitching...

Virgin I : He said that??

Virgin II: Yeah but I'm sorry I thought it was true up to a point when some
guy said something about you ?

Virgin I : Who? Some crazy gay stalker?

Virgin II: Noowwhhh....then I realised that your talent seemed to generate
this jealousy thingy in him.

Virgin I : Hah! Again....typical. I worked my ass off to be the person I am today.

Virgin II: Exactly, why can't these people just learn to respect and take it in a positive way...

Virgin I : Yeah! right2x...hey (moving on to other issue..**explicit content**)

Issue #5: Miss Goldfish?

Virgin II : Hell yeah! This people trashed her. I would have to say at
some point she's a little bossy (me too). Well, its not her
fault for being a level advance...she was taught with this
leadership thingy (the art of taking charge) in her school
(she's not from cikai2x school)

Virgin I : I was looking for someone like those gals in our
ex-"academy" Thank God I found her. She rocks! She gave
me this honey+look after my fish+a good house-maker.

Virgin II : It's not like I'm saying she's a total bi&*^. She's damn nice..when I trashed people in
front of her she didn't utter anything. She's the let-go-type..Pure hearted huh? She's
my Bree :))

Virgin I : Yeah! right2x...hey (moving on to other issue..**explicit content**)

Issue #6: Owh! They talked; bad about her

Virgin II: She claimed that she's a cold-hearted
person. I rather said she's a freak

Virgin I : She's hot

Virgin II : Yeah...there's more of her than just

Virgin I : Yeah! right2x...hey (moving on to
other issue..**explicit content**)

Issue #7: Virgi
n I's Strawberry scented tea

Virgin I : Gosh! You're a freak. Never thought that your this freaking animal-loving-environmental-conscious nerdright2x...hey (moving on to other issue..**explicit content**)

Virgin I :Yeah! right2x...hey (moving on to other
issue..**explicit content**)

*Well, most of the contents were more of a secret;non-public affairs"

Virgin I : Check this link on the internal...daily updated
Virgin II: How come I dunno this page exist. Excitedly browsing when suddenly....

....door opened, a big figure emerged....

Virgin I : Owh, you're back today?
Virgin II : &*%^ Virgin I! You said there' ll be no one in the room.
(Portraying smile but mocking Virgin deep inside I...gosh I'm so busted..I guess the big
figure saw what I was browsing the moment he entered)

Issue #8: Who's who in the conversation?
Virgin I ~ a pervert...please count the # of times he said; Yeah! right2x...hey (moving on to
other issue..**explicit content**)

Virgin II~ a bitch and a newbie in the pervert world (perverted by Virgin I)

Conclusion: Neither one of them are virgins..haha...LOL

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miss Wonder: Clandestineness

Some said, Others blamed, She purported....

Tell me something, how would you define a woman? Tall, blond, brunette, round, thin..
Hell yeah! Use all the adjectives you want on Earth because there is nothing that could actually define a woman. Seriously, I couldn't think of anything up to the point when I came across this one word....this word, popular word...sometimes uttered spontaneously
when we are running out of vocabs while trying to impress essays' examiners..haha..and that would be "BEAUTIFUL".

Beautiful in so many ways, that sometimes they never realise it. Well, do unlock the secret of my poetic'll find the innermost meaning in you.

Some said she's as dry as a prune, others said she's a loon

Some said she's a perfectionist in disguise, often heard others said she's full with lies

Some said she's a monster being resurrected, others claimed she needed to be corrected

Then one day she came sitting beside me with a crumpled heart, casting a smile which says:

1) It's okay to be as dry as a prune and others call you loon because you know that
you can reach for the moon

2) It's okay to live in dsiguise and lies as long as you let others value the verb

3) It's okay to portray the image of a monster, cause a monster transforms a hero into a warrior

4) But it's not okay to come sitting beside you with a crumpled heart, because I knew you needed one

A woman; a beautiful art of life. A clandestine yet so pristine. Now tell me something,
how would you define a woman? Now, place your palm on your chest and feel your heart beats....I know....It's beating in you :))

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