Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bad Dream? Apparently not a beautiful nightmare...Sorry Beyonce!

Despite the facts that I love the song Sweet Dreams by Beyonce, I totally despised it moments ago. I just woke up today and that is due to the most stupid yet offensive dream I ever had! It began in a mosque (I never learn the name), when I just finished with the Friday prayer. I was looking for my shoes (black PVC) and it was not there. Wat da heck? So I went looking around the mosque over and over again until I discovered all my other shoes but not the black PVC one. This is totally ABSURD! Well then, I got into a very big drain, started counting my money hoping not to be seen by others. Shockingly, ACAP APPEARED in his basketball jersey looking all sweaty and said:

Acap: What are you doing?
Me: Nothing...
Acap: Wat da hell...I saw you counting money...and then buat muka innocent because you have just called the others?? (this line doesn't not make sense at all...ape ko merepek ni Acap?....preposterous!)

Enough with that, then I came out of the spacious drain and started counting money in public. Then a guy appeared out of no where saying...OOoooo wat is dat? So, I started running away from me..and ...HE CHASED ME!!!!! He was so damn fast and he hugged me while trying to grab the huge amount of money I had. I bite his hand (I can feel his bone almost got off his joints..and he's gonna die) but then he pushed me aside and ran away. Here I am...broke!

Worst dream+Doesn't make sense=Trash!


  1. my dreams dont make sense at all. it happens all the time.

  2. merepek hell lah mimpi you weyhhhh!

  3. have you figured out any meaning behind the incidents??haha..

  4. alyn, zaty, san: wat a dream..but seriously San..I did..I guess it's about me being so ungrateful with whatever I have...

  5. kau ade ter*****t tak waktu mimpi tu?hahaha

    ape jadah ntah mimpi plak tu.taw la aku mmg hot with the jersey.haha

  6. wth, it's an annoying dream how am i suppose to ********! You just appeared, like a few in the jersey? no idea...mimpi yang absurd lol


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