Tuesday, May 11, 2010

From Suburban Life to a ONE WAY life?

First day in Penang=so many things to do. Well, at least I had a long day today but it was fun though! First, I make my way to Gurney Plaza (Hell yeah! I really miss this place) cause I'll having a meeting with Kuvinn pertaining to the Recycling Campaign but before meeting her. I had my lunch in A&W (&*$% there ran out of Coney Dog!). Shit, how come they don't know how much I LOVE HOT DOGS!...Lol

Sadly, I was all alone.....huhu...Oo Momento, then I met Kuvinn at Starbucks (She brought along her Sister and niece-these people speak good english *love it*)

We talked about so many things, our passion, how workaholics ended up single till they die, yada2x....Well, sounded like a great day until........

I parked my bike in Prangin Mall Parking Lot

Abe Polis: Woih! Hang tau dak hang watpa?
(Looking very mad, not until I took off my helmet and smiled, he gave this wow-you-look-hot expression)

Me: *clueless*......ha....tak tau
(Haha...I knew exactly why but I was pretending)

Abe Polis: Hang tau dak ni One Way?
(Still trying to show that his is mad but cooling down)

Me: Laa...yaka..minta maap la abang saya tak perasaan pun signboard tu
(Okay...trying to recall how does the sign board looked like..hurmmmm....)

Abe Polis: Masalahnya, kami pun hang tak perasaan..jalan teruih ja macam tak respect kami langsung

Me: Laa...yaka..minta maap la abang...saya tak perasaan pun...saya pun masih baru lagi kat sini
(Seriously, I dunno what to say...suddenly I have this sudden bitchy urge in me so I said this)

Abe Polis: Tengok gaya macam selalu dok buat ja?

Me: Mana ada abang...saya jarang dok naek moto kat sini..saya dok blajaq kat kelantan...minta maap la naa..bukan sengaja

Abe Polis: Tak dak la bukan apa...bukan nak paksa hang respek kami..undang2 kena respek
(I think deep inside him, he's saying: Kesian budak ni dah la comey pastu nampak baik ja...tak pa la...lepaih la )

Me: Sory la abang naa...minta maap sangat2x....

Okay, this is like so funny but I promise I'll be a very good rider next time. Gosh! I can't believe my bitchiness work at this kind of situation. Seriously, I'm like so shaking deep inside but I managed to show that I'm okay and innocent....OMG...What a long day!


  1. Kuvinn Mallar ArmugamMay 11, 2010 at 9:36 PM

    My sister was sad cause her photograph was not there! hahaha.....

  2. i can't believe dat u're bitchy..no way!..hahah


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