Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Guess This Is Goodbye!

The Final Chapter?.....for now

After one short-crazy-busy-shocking-tempting-sporty-sinful yet heart-breaking~ it is...the final chapter. I'd stayed up the whole night packing up my things, watching Desperate Housewives and completing something (I was hired to complete this "something" thingy) before I bumped into Virgin I (still remember him?)..he bought "SUSU" and "AIS" ma....and I called Miss Goldfish (not Gold Digger LOL) seeking help pertaining to some car issues. Owh, anyway...the picture above? A.k.a my room..I mean that's the door I've been seeing for a year. We had so many memories together. Now let's recall:

#1: The First day of Sem II Lecture & Lunch with Dayah+Far
Yeah..look at all those faces beaming with excitement and happiness

#2: ProEco-ans & The Big Battle
Apparently, we didn't quite win the the end of the sem..things are still the way they are. I'm a little disappointed with myself...let see how things turn out next Chapter

#3: ASTAR Debate
Not the kind of victory that could let others said "Holy" and "Mother" at the same time. Ranked 12 (Speaker) and Won 1 Round. Well, it was a good start.

#4: FASA Sports Carnival & Colorful Night
SBN-mates trainin, SBH-pal posing & the girl who needed a chair to measure up

#5: Do you think I have the SEXY Gene in Me?

Yeah...I get it..too skinny..(get that a lot)..Come on people, I am a teenage boy- I have the urge to try things out, don't blame for trying to be narcissistic..even though I'm already one..haha

#6: Volley Me with Ami & Friends

We had dinner together when there's no one left in UMK..haha..kiddin...from the left we have Virgin I (trust me Virgin II is more sexy) and here's Ami; she loves Volley

#7: Desperate Me!

The best Season so far....Season 6 drives me crazy, I guess I've spent almost a hundred (for a complete season) to watch the episode online every single premiere of the latest episodes

#8: You say I go..I go

Room where I Groom! Haha..Owh ya, the window your looking at, I've been using them to stalk couples doing the nasty at the nearby pondok and of course I would be needing them if I happen to lock myself out

#9: Here's where Mama say Hi

This is the view in front of my house. Well, in a few hours I'll be watching 6x22 of DH and then... Penang, I'm gonna be there soon

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