Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miss Wonder: Clandestineness

Some said, Others blamed, She purported....

Tell me something, how would you define a woman? Tall, blond, brunette, round, thin..
Hell yeah! Use all the adjectives you want on Earth because there is nothing that could actually define a woman. Seriously, I couldn't think of anything up to the point when I came across this one word....this word, popular word...sometimes uttered spontaneously
when we are running out of vocabs while trying to impress essays' examiners..haha..and that would be "BEAUTIFUL".

Beautiful in so many ways, that sometimes they never realise it. Well, do unlock the secret of my poetic sentences...you'll find the innermost meaning in you.

Some said she's as dry as a prune, others said she's a loon

Some said she's a perfectionist in disguise, often heard others said she's full with lies

Some said she's a monster being resurrected, others claimed she needed to be corrected

Then one day she came sitting beside me with a crumpled heart, casting a smile which says:

1) It's okay to be as dry as a prune and others call you loon because you know that
you can reach for the moon

2) It's okay to live in dsiguise and lies as long as you let others value the verb

3) It's okay to portray the image of a monster, cause a monster transforms a hero into a warrior

4) But it's not okay to come sitting beside you with a crumpled heart, because I knew you needed one

A woman; a beautiful art of life. A clandestine yet so pristine. Now tell me something,
how would you define a woman? Now, place your palm on your chest and feel your heart beats....I know....It's beating in you :))


  1. juling i baca bombastic words ni! :O

  2. i love this post.hehe.
    fert ayat dye mmg killer.hehe~

  3. Alyn: xdenya bombastic lol, thesaurus all the way..research2x..haha

    Anem:...hey...lama x see you, i dunno how to become ur blog punya follower..btw thanx for d comment


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