Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nadia Tag Me..Wooo

To fulfill the rules set by the hottest and sexiest Queen of Flies, here goes:

10 facts about me

1) My nick> Fert
2) Fav. Food> Nasi Goreng Kak Zah (Depan Pantai Timur)
3) Fav. Drinks> Iced Milo
4) Damn crazy about desperate housewives
5) Narcissistic, I guess
6) "Doesn't" like to gossip
7) "Hates" R&B n Soul
8) Loves computer graphics & video editing
9) Really respects perempuan yang full with principle and pious (so as the dudes)
10) Loves day dreaming

10 things that scare me

1) mati!
2) sakit2 which have no cure
3) insects and any scaly animals
4) birds
5) talking about weird/superstitious thing in life
6) natural disasters?
7) heights
8) girls with big boobs
9) people despises me
10) kehilangan org2 tesayang

10 things which I always say

1) OMG
2) Wat da hell?
3) Seriously,....
4) like duh~
5) For God sake
6) la...yaka...
7) ceh...
8) Hey....
9) Gosh
10) Okay....

10 things which are very valuable

1) Family
2) my besties
3) my external
4) Roxzy
5) Aiken facial cleanser
6) Favourite Boxers
7) Free Wifi
8) ATM card
9) My handphone
10) Someone in the past

10 'first times' in my life

1) Met a freaky gal
2) Registered in boarding school when in form 1
3) Got into a pub (by accident) with matriculation friends
4) "One night Stand" in Penang during Matriculation
5) Travel on a plane from Penang to Kuching, Sarawak
6) Shortage of RM200, when working as a cashier
7) Called someone "Queen of Flies a.k.a Ratu Lalat"..hahaha
8) An old uncle tried to flirt me
9) Got kissed by a girl, on my final day at the kindergarten?
10) Gosh..there's so many first times kot

7 org bertuah

1) Zaty the westernizer
2) Acap the perverted Virgin I
3) Dian the Ice2x Babeh
4) Alyn a.k.a Kak Melur Sejati
5) Queen Of LALAT
6) Hanim the ???...hehe
7) awak dan awak yg takde name di atas tapi rase cam nak jwb.sile2. hehe ..khaliesah too...please answer..mohohohohohoho

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