Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Now that's the REAL finale!

Well, the whole thing was SUCKY?

It was what I have been anticipating for, The PDPZA Debate Championship...well...I would say it turned out quite well. Our team lost all rounds but we ranked 10th out of 12 with -15.5 margin. Hurmm, the whole thing was sucky? I don't think so~ Even though my body was in UiTM Dungun but my mind was way on the season finale of Desperate Housewives...hehe...and one more thing...most of the teams said that our UMK team was pretty good given in our condition, etc

We took a picture at Dewan *sumthin* the night before the final day there I am, new haircut (nerdy huh?) on the way back to UMK

Okay now people, issues on the table-the REAL finale? Haha..DH6x23 was heartbreaking as in the storyline. Angie killed Patrick Logan, Susan moved out of Wisteria Lane, Orson left Bree, and one of the housewives would soon learn that the child she's raising is not hers. What a twist! Hoogah2x!..Haha..Well, if DH6 had come to an end..I guess it's my turn to really end this second season and better start preparing for the all-new-season 3 of me in UMK...there are lots to do an d learn..I just simply can't wait!


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