Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two virgins....and one long tête-à-tête

Define Virgin? Pure, Unaltered, Uncontaminated, Unadulterated~
Date : 7th May 2010
Social setting : Virgin I's room

Summary of Discussion

Issue #1: External please!

Virgin I : I want your external tonight. Come to my room and knock
twice. I don't want it to be a surprise.

Virgin II: It sure does :). But why mine?

Virgin I : It's full with surprises.... *wink*. I like when one spray like a

Virgin II: (=.+)

So, Virgin II did what one has to do....and Virgin I's room

Issue #2: Typical! Very typical!

Virgin II: Well... got stuck up here and things are like h*%$!!

Virgin I : Why can't they just relax, cool down and MOVE ON??? this is what we called:Typical...very typical

Virgin II: They cannot just move on..they need to poison others first, make us look bad and then they'll be satisfied. (In ones mind: typical Malay thinking would be like this does it look like? like duh~)

Virgin I : Yeah! right2x...hey (moving on to other issue..**explicit content**)

Issue #3: She's a bimbo!

Virgin II : I just don't like her boyfriend! He called me "sotong"

Virgin I : How did you know?

Virgin II : Well, they were in the pal was eavesdropping
but she's nice...

Virgin I : Of course she is..but she's the "perempuan lemah" t

Virgin II: I would say she's a bimbo ( for falling for
a guy like that)
Come on, who would wear such colored %^&* especially
when you have Malaysian colored skin.

Virgin I: **don't bother**...hey
(moving on to other
issue..**explicit content**)

Issue #4: The mouth says Yes, the boot says Otherwise

....after listening to Virgin II bitching...

Virgin I : He said that??

Virgin II: Yeah but I'm sorry I thought it was true up to a point when some
guy said something about you ?

Virgin I : Who? Some crazy gay stalker?

Virgin II: Noowwhhh....then I realised that your talent seemed to generate
this jealousy thingy in him.

Virgin I : Hah! Again....typical. I worked my ass off to be the person I am today.

Virgin II: Exactly, why can't these people just learn to respect and take it in a positive way...

Virgin I : Yeah! right2x...hey (moving on to other issue..**explicit content**)

Issue #5: Miss Goldfish?

Virgin II : Hell yeah! This people trashed her. I would have to say at
some point she's a little bossy (me too). Well, its not her
fault for being a level advance...she was taught with this
leadership thingy (the art of taking charge) in her school
(she's not from cikai2x school)

Virgin I : I was looking for someone like those gals in our
ex-"academy" Thank God I found her. She rocks! She gave
me this honey+look after my fish+a good house-maker.

Virgin II : It's not like I'm saying she's a total bi&*^. She's damn nice..when I trashed people in
front of her she didn't utter anything. She's the let-go-type..Pure hearted huh? She's
my Bree :))

Virgin I : Yeah! right2x...hey (moving on to other issue..**explicit content**)

Issue #6: Owh! They talked; bad about her

Virgin II: She claimed that she's a cold-hearted
person. I rather said she's a freak

Virgin I : She's hot

Virgin II : Yeah...there's more of her than just

Virgin I : Yeah! right2x...hey (moving on to
other issue..**explicit content**)

Issue #7: Virgi
n I's Strawberry scented tea

Virgin I : Gosh! You're a freak. Never thought that your this freaking animal-loving-environmental-conscious nerdright2x...hey (moving on to other issue..**explicit content**)

Virgin I :Yeah! right2x...hey (moving on to other
issue..**explicit content**)

*Well, most of the contents were more of a secret;non-public affairs"

Virgin I : Check this link on the internal...daily updated
Virgin II: How come I dunno this page exist. Excitedly browsing when suddenly....

....door opened, a big figure emerged....

Virgin I : Owh, you're back today?
Virgin II : &*%^ Virgin I! You said there' ll be no one in the room.
(Portraying smile but mocking Virgin deep inside I...gosh I'm so busted..I guess the big
figure saw what I was browsing the moment he entered)

Issue #8: Who's who in the conversation?
Virgin I ~ a pervert...please count the # of times he said; Yeah! right2x...hey (moving on to
other issue..**explicit content**)

Virgin II~ a bitch and a newbie in the pervert world (perverted by Virgin I)

Conclusion: Neither one of them are virgins..haha...LOL

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