Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zadom's Day Out with Ferty Ferty

Who+ray=like so hooraayyy a.k.a happy..Alrite, second day in Penang is actually second day of freedom! Went out wif my best buddy Zadom (Zharif + Condom)..haha...I slept at 4.oo a.m last night and woke up at 6.30 a.m....OSC (Oh So Crazie)'s my journey on the ferry

Once we met up at Penang Central, we had drinks and departed to SUNWAY watch the nightmare on elm street...yeeehhaawwww but sadly it's only premiere at night. WTH? We took a bus again to Megamall Penang. Had our breakfast and enjoyed the 6 minutes massage on the massaging chair..haha..

then we went for KARAOKE! All together we sang 10 was fun especially when we were out of tune, pitch, and wat so eva..hahaha

and then its...BOWLING time...and hell yeah I sucked at it just now...almost most of the bowling balls' holes did not fit in with my fingers! No wonder Zadom won today..haha!

What a wonderful day...p/s: IM HAPPY WITH MY LIFE!

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