Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bila diTAG Miss Lalat Universe :))

 okeyh didie, im just doin my job...siap ko balik UMK nanti, haha...


anda rasa anda hot?
tak sebab saya sizzling hot, panas! panas!
bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?
saya masih bernyawa, perkataan kali terakhir makan pizza tak wujud dalam kamus hidup saya
lagu terakhir yg sy dgr?
jennifer hudson-spotlight (again xde lagu terakhir, pasni sy dgr lagi lagu laen)
ape yg anda wat slaen menyelesaikan tag ini?
tahan kentut sambil bayangkan muka geram Didie bila baca ni
slaen name sendiri, anda dipanggil name ape?
tag lagi 8 org
siapakah org no 1 kpd anda?
kwn SPERMainan bila mejangkau dewasa
katakan sesuatu mengenai org no 5
semoh doktor nate!
no 3 ade hubungn dgn sape?
byk pasangan, slalu berkeliaran kat area recycle bin SBN..haha
bagaimana pula dgn no 4?
terlalu ramai, namelist ibarat gaun kawin Sarah Jessica Parker dlm Sex & The City
pesanan buat org no 6
Jejaka Jutawan~bila nak belanja
kata2 cinta utk org no 2
OMG, why mesti sumthin about love bila pasal org no 2 nie? acap,truskan perjuangan percintaanmu..hahaha
adekah org no 7&8 mmpunyai psamaaan?
sket, photogenic
berikan 5 yg anda taw ttg org yg men-tag anda
yes lei trash didie kat sini, Bila tgk de sekali pandang comel kali kedua ad sesungut kat kepala, mata bulat macam mask rider, bibir seksi menggamit jiwa, ketawa yang pergh memusir2 dlm benak hati
perasaan anda wat tag ini
pelik and xsure~

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mad Money Ferdy

It has been a while since I posted my last post, I've been workin` on so many things. The time is running out and the moment to take Konsortium Mutiara and head back to Pengkalan Chepa is almost there. Currently busy with scholarships application. Look at the picture above, my hall of fame...I'd spend hours scanning all my certs so that I can complete my resume and send`em online. Nowadays everything is via the INTERNET..hahaha...anyway altogether 81 certs excluding the one I have written my name on `em yet. Still I just don't get it why are there still human being with 100++ certs. I know Im just a stone throw away before getting my 100th cert but seriously this is my lifelong collection about what I've done during my years of living. I was one a very successful person; life's great but I chose to be friend with failure. That is why I'm telling myself now "Fert, you need to make a comeback"


Monday, June 7, 2010

The Mama Lizardelicious Tragedy

 Mama Lizardelicious Tragedy

It was almost 1 in the morning (im talking about yesterday 7th June 2010), put my Sex and the City on paused mode and went to the bathroom. Ok then, it's time for some facial cleansing. You see it is very important for me to start taking care upon how I'll bring myself up in the public (how I look, dress & talk since next semester I'll be focusing more on the debating thingy). While I was enjoying the sensation of the facial foam on my face suddenly....MAK OI....What on Earth was that? Wassup with this lizard? For a moment I thought this lizard was having some sort of cancer. It had two tails and one abnormal belly with something white bold spherical thingy inside (its body was pretty much transparent). Seriously? A lizard having an intestinal cancer? and goiters too (since I managed to catch a glimpse of it's neck area) Then I took a closer look at it's belly (fuyoh! there's a fetus in it..I think). Oh my! It's an impregnated mama lizard! I thought she's a stripper from the Hip Hip Lizard Club or something dying due to STDs...haha...Enough with the Fert Theories let's take a look at these pictures...maybe you guys can help me figure out..WTH is wrong with this Mama Lizard (Oh yeah, one more thing how do you differentiate between Mama n Papa Lizard?) 

"First shot I was shaking.."

"Not much of difference in the second shot..but worst I would say"

"Ahuh! This one...check out the double-tail thingy, the neck and the belly..I think Mama Lizard is on her labor"

Friday, June 4, 2010

You Gotta Get A Gimmick!

Long Lost Buddies found in LOST WORLD

Look at the size of our legs...look at mine!..haiyah!

Yeah, you people might be wondering why have I stop blabbering here for days..hurm...let say weeks?..busy life people...i'm craving for food, entertainment and life. So last me and my really really best friend (with the big F) reunited in Ipoh, Perak. Here are some of the pictures:

I'v tried to upload these pictures but it's damn slow due to the I have to edit it and upload...this post should be posted days ago!...Haha...

I really enjoyed the holiday trip guys. It was so much fun..and now picture by picture..lets start with me posing like that..haha...I was stressed out cause this people spend too much time in the toilet..haha..then I went out of the toilet & did that!..hahah..the picture beside me would be Zharif & Baim (I took that picture). The three small pictures would be the birds (I hate birds..actually im scared of anything that has feathers). Ruby the raccoon (she's so cute) and yeah dats me..gettin all wet n soak..hahah...Oh yeah and on the most TOP..on the left handside of yours would be us in the toilet!..hahaha.....I love this trip, had fun driving, yelling, laughing, etc.

"It's so nice to have your old friends around you, where you can start reminiscing the past and enjoy the present moment. I remembered who I really am when I'm with them"

Three Words: Stink, Stank, Stunk

"Is there any sign that says CRAP HERE!"
 It had been a week and all I did was EAT+SLEEP+ON9! To add salt to the wound, I didn't even gain any fact im now 45kg and that's 10 kilos away from my previous weight! What am I? One of the Biggest Loser participant? Gosh! There's so many to do and yet I'm enjoying the time of my life..haha...and hell yeah...the stink, stank, stunk thingy? I smell! It took only 4 hrs for my armpit odor started to perform gymnastic artistic swirling around the entrance of my hindustan's sized nostril..haha..What am I suppose to do? I've tried spraying deodorant but to the hell it ^%*Y*... Talking about deodorant thanks to Nana Dz on FB. She was the one who introduced deodorant to me. She said I smell bad when I was in form two. That was the time when I'm having physical disturbance and changes kindly related to my hormonal changes due to puberty. Haih~Shambles!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shrek: The Final Chapter

Saturday Moo-vie with My Sis & Niece + Neighbour

It's the holiday so I thought; why then.....let's have a moo-vie weekend with my family because it has been years since we went out to watch movie together. Seriously, it's fun...the final chapter of Shrek was a little less funnier than the previous one. At least we watched it in 3D format...felt real but my niece was shocked...haha...she thought the horses were running towards her...haha..Gosh..I miss my holiday..cause I have to start working already...very soon....

This is my niece~Roudhotul Husnina

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