Monday, June 7, 2010

The Mama Lizardelicious Tragedy

 Mama Lizardelicious Tragedy

It was almost 1 in the morning (im talking about yesterday 7th June 2010), put my Sex and the City on paused mode and went to the bathroom. Ok then, it's time for some facial cleansing. You see it is very important for me to start taking care upon how I'll bring myself up in the public (how I look, dress & talk since next semester I'll be focusing more on the debating thingy). While I was enjoying the sensation of the facial foam on my face suddenly....MAK OI....What on Earth was that? Wassup with this lizard? For a moment I thought this lizard was having some sort of cancer. It had two tails and one abnormal belly with something white bold spherical thingy inside (its body was pretty much transparent). Seriously? A lizard having an intestinal cancer? and goiters too (since I managed to catch a glimpse of it's neck area) Then I took a closer look at it's belly (fuyoh! there's a fetus in it..I think). Oh my! It's an impregnated mama lizard! I thought she's a stripper from the Hip Hip Lizard Club or something dying due to STDs...haha...Enough with the Fert Theories let's take a look at these pictures...maybe you guys can help me figure out..WTH is wrong with this Mama Lizard (Oh yeah, one more thing how do you differentiate between Mama n Papa Lizard?) 

"First shot I was shaking.."

"Not much of difference in the second shot..but worst I would say"

"Ahuh! This one...check out the double-tail thingy, the neck and the belly..I think Mama Lizard is on her labor"


  1. hahahahahaha.damn i laughed so hard reading this! ur words are so funny.hey, i rase the lizard off day from Hip Hip Lizard Club, tak larat, pregnant kot. hee~

  2. hahaha anem..yeah...susah jd stripper..haha

  3. owh shit!..hahaha...xkan ngintai aku smpai terberanak..haha..


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