Friday, June 4, 2010

Three Words: Stink, Stank, Stunk

"Is there any sign that says CRAP HERE!"
 It had been a week and all I did was EAT+SLEEP+ON9! To add salt to the wound, I didn't even gain any fact im now 45kg and that's 10 kilos away from my previous weight! What am I? One of the Biggest Loser participant? Gosh! There's so many to do and yet I'm enjoying the time of my life..haha...and hell yeah...the stink, stank, stunk thingy? I smell! It took only 4 hrs for my armpit odor started to perform gymnastic artistic swirling around the entrance of my hindustan's sized nostril..haha..What am I suppose to do? I've tried spraying deodorant but to the hell it ^%*Y*... Talking about deodorant thanks to Nana Dz on FB. She was the one who introduced deodorant to me. She said I smell bad when I was in form two. That was the time when I'm having physical disturbance and changes kindly related to my hormonal changes due to puberty. Haih~Shambles!


  1. misai janggut is a No-No for you mister

  2. haha...yeah...CRAP huh? who are you anonymous?...

  3. Nazriee Mg yg sgt kacak

  4. hahah...oit..ko xde blog ke? wat lar..nnt lei aku stalk ko..haha

  5. abang hindustani! anil kapoor!

  6. hahahahahahaha.
    bestnye berat tak naik.


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