Friday, June 4, 2010

You Gotta Get A Gimmick!

Long Lost Buddies found in LOST WORLD

Look at the size of our legs...look at mine!..haiyah!

Yeah, you people might be wondering why have I stop blabbering here for days..hurm...let say weeks?..busy life people...i'm craving for food, entertainment and life. So last me and my really really best friend (with the big F) reunited in Ipoh, Perak. Here are some of the pictures:

I'v tried to upload these pictures but it's damn slow due to the I have to edit it and upload...this post should be posted days ago!...Haha...

I really enjoyed the holiday trip guys. It was so much fun..and now picture by picture..lets start with me posing like that..haha...I was stressed out cause this people spend too much time in the toilet..haha..then I went out of the toilet & did that!..hahah..the picture beside me would be Zharif & Baim (I took that picture). The three small pictures would be the birds (I hate birds..actually im scared of anything that has feathers). Ruby the raccoon (she's so cute) and yeah dats me..gettin all wet n soak..hahah...Oh yeah and on the most TOP..on the left handside of yours would be us in the toilet!..hahaha.....I love this trip, had fun driving, yelling, laughing, etc.

"It's so nice to have your old friends around you, where you can start reminiscing the past and enjoy the present moment. I remembered who I really am when I'm with them"

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