Saturday, July 24, 2010

Like A Virgin

Stand, in the middle of the day and look at your shadows. What do you see? The two dimensional you. All black and plain..this is so Wayang Kulit. You see, my second week is so Like A Virgin. Haha...I am now part of the outcast team members. We hang out every time food is the subject of matter. They said I'm dull and I have no life so they force me to try new things in my life...hahaha.....I have so many first times now because of them.

Blogging about the art of breaking the boundaries, UMK is quite a virgin when it comes to Club Activities etc. So with the help of a few friends, we managed to pull off a Debate & Public Speaking Workshop on last friday night (23rd July 2010). So, that's me in the picture briefing my colleagues about the debate starter kit.

These are the people who attended the showcase. We have more who came after 10.30 p.m. hehe...Last time, when I was in my Upper Secondary (specifically in MRSM Taiping) we had this English Motivational Committee (EMC). You see, the reason why I proposed the idea of having this club was due to the facts that I need a group of people to practice speaking English. The level will degrade if you don't practice and I was really hoping more people will join this club to improve themselves but UMK students were already in their comfort zone. They didn't bother about  this English thingy because they are busy Facebooking, Dating and do what ever they wanty and claimed that they are busy when they are just LAZY..hahah (that included me sumtime)..hahaha. During our debate demonstration my colleagues did very well. Thanks to William Ng, Yee Cang Ling, Martina, Kazimah, Marieanne and Speaker of the House (Faliza)..hahaha...
Next, I have this TKC Gurl (was a House Captain during her days in TKC) delivering her public speaking about soft skills. We had this session called the Open Sesame where each of our members will take turn to deliver a short 5 minutes speech before we begin with any activities. 

After the session me, Pa, Ma, her and another her hang out at Family Kopitiam till 2.30 a.m. hehe..but then I was pranged (btul ke word ni) haha... by Mr. Daniel and his friends (Kazimah, Jojie, Fallie and two other seniors). I thought the UMK staff was pissed off since I had the debate session or perhaps I did something wrong.. (gosh..there's just so many things that came across my mind at the moment)..

The whole second week, I was quite busy with so many things.Too many to do, and I have to keep reminding myself that I shouldn't neglect my studies. See you guys in my next post because I have something which I considered "useful" to share with. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't Tell Me What To Do

Yeah, we all say it when some annoying health conscious person put us in a very uncomfortable position leading us to the facts that we are dying of diabetes and that we are dying so soon. That really pushes me button!...Hahaha...I'm joking lol, You see after the health intervention session which was held in Family Kopitiam, I screwed up. I suffered from bloating stomach, ulcers and some intestinal issues due to the less-sugar diet (which I only focus on drinking plain water). Like most modern teenagers do when they discover they have committed sins; they GOOGLE for the consequences and the actual action plan to erase and re-erase the sins..hahah...and here's mine!

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve health. It is important for the prevention of many chronic illnesses and other health risks such as:
    • obesity
    • heart disease
    • diabetes
    • cancer etc
A healthy diet involves consuming appropriate amounts of all nutrients, and an adequate amount of water. Nutrients can be obtained from many different foods, so there are a wide variety of diets that may be considered healthy diets.
There are a number of diets and recommendations by numerous medical and governmental institutions that are designed to promote certain aspects of health. However the most recommended diet is a BALANCED DIET. This diet is even indorsed and recommended by the World Health Organization
A balanced diet is a diet that includes appropriate amount of nutrients especially the five major food groups. These five major food groups have been designed and put on a food pyramid to make it easier to understand. It is made up of
    • carbohydrates
    • vitamins and minerals
    • proteins
    • sugars and fats
    • water

The problem with eating unhealthy foods is it makes you crave even more junk food. A handful of chips usually leave you wanting more. Once you break the cycle of unhealthy eating, it’s easier to maintain good eating habits which lead to weight loss.
Junk food includes foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, cake, hot chips and pizza etc
Unhealthy food not only makes one prone to more illnesses, but they can slow down a child’s development. Smoking and regular drinking are also unhealthy. Smoking can cause lung and respiratory diseases, loss of memory as well as skin, nail and teeth damage. Drinking on the other hand can cause serious cases of liver damage, blurred vision and one can even become dependent on this substance.

and some extra Fertalicious tips to outer beauty. Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer and Wet Tissues (Like The Baby wipes). A healthy skin is the skin with enough moisture to glow with the glory look! Check out mine! Pure, Innocent and Absolutely VIRGIN!..hahahahaha

 So fellow readers, start living a healthy lifestyle, get to know your health facts and start planning a healthy way of living. Trust me, you don't want to wait until someone annoys you and pushes your button!...Hahaha...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Couldn't Say More

How should I put this....hurmm...absolutely a very surprising beginning. Despite the facts that I was truly excited to start this new semester, I was thunderstruck at the point of realising that I could not online for almost a week. No internet means, no blogging updates, no FB and above all NO LIFE! hahaha...The first week started well, since I was among those early birds, so I managed to check in early and spend the first weekend with the other two busybody early birds namely Zaty & Mooi at TESCO (wow..what a place)
 On the way to TESCO we took a bus and then walked till we reached there

These few weeks were absolutely hectic so many works yet so many time to hang around and laugh. Haha...

Check out my new planner board

Now with a little zoom in...check out wats on it...haha

I couldn't say more these weeks but I promise more to come very soon :))

Monday, July 5, 2010

Pilot (The Third)

Okay, I get it; your first impression would be...WTH is this? Haha, okay people settle down....It's just one of the Ferts' way of saying a whole new semester is about to begin and of course I would need new things, objectives and approaches to spice me up. My blog, my life journal. I write what I want and you read. I would say, I find it more comfortable to express myself here than anywhere else. A month at home was a big WOW to me, as I was actually suppose to gain weight but I happened to LOST weight? (not my virginity of course). Now people, don't you guys ever want to improve yourself? You know....moving a step ahead from the person whom we are today/now? Look at my new banner (I know it's edited), I would like to see myself one day being SOMEONE in the future. I was not a loser, but I sealed my mind and potential to go way beyond and put a coma (not a full stop...that would be death..haha) to my life. My friends are now all over the world striving very hard to achieve their sole dream and where am I? UMK? Malay sayings "tak pe", I believe that Allah sends me here for something, He opens new lease on life for me. I am the one who's suppose to start working hard for my future. Another thing people, UMK is NOT classified as SUCKY because the students of UMK are the one responsible to colour the nature, culture and future of UMK. Don't just locked yourself up in your room FB+ing 24/7 but do something to bring up the university's name whether in sports, academic-related competition or in anything. Alright...seriously I don't know what am I saying...but here's a little planning for my new season of life!

1) CGPA above 3.5 (aiming for first class degree)+increase my knowledge about my religion
2) Win a debate tournament (at least three rounds)
3) Participate a/some international competitions
4) Develop stability in my Pro Eco company
5) Instilling professionalism in my daily plans
6) Watch Desperate Housewives Season 7 (The Last Season), as well as Body Of Proof and The Vampire Diaries 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fertalicious Friends 4 Sale

Welcome to my first ever Friends Stock Clearance. Browse through the ads below and hurry up, make your choice while stocks are available!

#1 Dr. Lily Rose (Selling Fast!!)

She's a very talented doctor with the ability to turn your orientation upside down & make you STAND OUT from the lamos!
Price (Rupiah): 1000,000,000
Special Ability: Yelling Park You!
Personal Threat: Do not mention the number/word 4, followed by the word balls

#2 Zaffy Salvatore (Selling quite fast!!)

Take out your wallets cause you don't wanna miss Dr. Lily Rose's Sidekick: Her handmade special edition personal pet!
Price (Dollar): 250
Special Ability: Nice to see, Nice to touch, Once broken considered SOLD!
Personal Threat: Do not play in the presence of Dr. Lily Rose! 

 #3 Zaty Merpatie (Still available!!)

Do not mess with our all new Westernizer 2010! If you need any western dishes, trends or anything from the West? She's the queen of everything!
Price(RM): 25,000
Special Ability: Cook well, Kick Well
Personal Threat: Tall, skinny, sexy, delicious Penang guys!!!

#4 Acap Lovebird (Sold 12, 100 to go!)

Want something spicier? Spice up your life with this excellent Love Guru. A 21 year old virgin, with outstanding sports skills and a superb shooter. He shoots here and there, all you need to do is beware!
Price(Yen): Open to auction from 12 Yen
Special Ability: Quite good in tea making
Personal Threat: The girl with the surname Merpatie

Hey guys! Looks like that's all we have for this season stock clearance. I would have to say this is my way of telling how this people can be great friends in your life. They cheer you up and spice it way way up making you feel way better. Selling them does not mean I wanna get rid of them, nope. I have the originals one in my life, you guys can have the well-engineered figurine of these people...Haha 





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