Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fertalicious Friends 4 Sale

Welcome to my first ever Friends Stock Clearance. Browse through the ads below and hurry up, make your choice while stocks are available!

#1 Dr. Lily Rose (Selling Fast!!)

She's a very talented doctor with the ability to turn your orientation upside down & make you STAND OUT from the lamos!
Price (Rupiah): 1000,000,000
Special Ability: Yelling Park You!
Personal Threat: Do not mention the number/word 4, followed by the word balls

#2 Zaffy Salvatore (Selling quite fast!!)

Take out your wallets cause you don't wanna miss Dr. Lily Rose's Sidekick: Her handmade special edition personal pet!
Price (Dollar): 250
Special Ability: Nice to see, Nice to touch, Once broken considered SOLD!
Personal Threat: Do not play in the presence of Dr. Lily Rose! 

 #3 Zaty Merpatie (Still available!!)

Do not mess with our all new Westernizer 2010! If you need any western dishes, trends or anything from the West? She's the queen of everything!
Price(RM): 25,000
Special Ability: Cook well, Kick Well
Personal Threat: Tall, skinny, sexy, delicious Penang guys!!!

#4 Acap Lovebird (Sold 12, 100 to go!)

Want something spicier? Spice up your life with this excellent Love Guru. A 21 year old virgin, with outstanding sports skills and a superb shooter. He shoots here and there, all you need to do is beware!
Price(Yen): Open to auction from 12 Yen
Special Ability: Quite good in tea making
Personal Threat: The girl with the surname Merpatie

Hey guys! Looks like that's all we have for this season stock clearance. I would have to say this is my way of telling how this people can be great friends in your life. They cheer you up and spice it way way up making you feel way better. Selling them does not mean I wanna get rid of them, nope. I have the originals one in my life, you guys can have the well-engineered figurine of these people...Haha 






  1. kau lau dijual apa status eh? hopefully availabe? haha jgn dimarah.. :)

  2. hahah, aku dah aim ko untuk akan dtg, yang lain sket...kali empat je sebab xckup masa..haha

  3. Ur brother Stephan SalvatoreJuly 3, 2010 at 12:52 AM

    hoi apa special ability bosan.. USD250?? keji bg murah2

  4. hello hidden meaning la...mana lei open dowh, hahaha blog aku public..nak satu dunia tau ka?..hahaha USD 250 cuba convert duit Malaysia?..hahaha Lily lagi kesian murah je

  5. ok, tempahan cik nurul berjaya, claim ur Zaty Merpatie 11hb July nnt k? :))

  6. haha, silap baca..nak zaffy ei? lei claim di fren list Firdaus Fert Salvatore di FB

  7. 12 yen?tak macam sial ke aku ni.haha

  8. acap is the starting price for bidin' lor...nnt ikut demand client ko lar


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