Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Couldn't Say More

How should I put this....hurmm...absolutely a very surprising beginning. Despite the facts that I was truly excited to start this new semester, I was thunderstruck at the point of realising that I could not online for almost a week. No internet means, no blogging updates, no FB and above all NO LIFE! hahaha...The first week started well, since I was among those early birds, so I managed to check in early and spend the first weekend with the other two busybody early birds namely Zaty & Mooi at TESCO (wow..what a place)
 On the way to TESCO we took a bus and then walked till we reached there

These few weeks were absolutely hectic so many works yet so many time to hang around and laugh. Haha...

Check out my new planner board

Now with a little zoom in...check out wats on it...haha

I couldn't say more these weeks but I promise more to come very soon :))

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