Monday, July 5, 2010

Pilot (The Third)

Okay, I get it; your first impression would be...WTH is this? Haha, okay people settle down....It's just one of the Ferts' way of saying a whole new semester is about to begin and of course I would need new things, objectives and approaches to spice me up. My blog, my life journal. I write what I want and you read. I would say, I find it more comfortable to express myself here than anywhere else. A month at home was a big WOW to me, as I was actually suppose to gain weight but I happened to LOST weight? (not my virginity of course). Now people, don't you guys ever want to improve yourself? You know....moving a step ahead from the person whom we are today/now? Look at my new banner (I know it's edited), I would like to see myself one day being SOMEONE in the future. I was not a loser, but I sealed my mind and potential to go way beyond and put a coma (not a full stop...that would be death..haha) to my life. My friends are now all over the world striving very hard to achieve their sole dream and where am I? UMK? Malay sayings "tak pe", I believe that Allah sends me here for something, He opens new lease on life for me. I am the one who's suppose to start working hard for my future. Another thing people, UMK is NOT classified as SUCKY because the students of UMK are the one responsible to colour the nature, culture and future of UMK. Don't just locked yourself up in your room FB+ing 24/7 but do something to bring up the university's name whether in sports, academic-related competition or in anything. Alright...seriously I don't know what am I saying...but here's a little planning for my new season of life!

1) CGPA above 3.5 (aiming for first class degree)+increase my knowledge about my religion
2) Win a debate tournament (at least three rounds)
3) Participate a/some international competitions
4) Develop stability in my Pro Eco company
5) Instilling professionalism in my daily plans
6) Watch Desperate Housewives Season 7 (The Last Season), as well as Body Of Proof and The Vampire Diaries 


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