Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Adrenalin Is Back!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


The taste Of Victory

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some People

I couldn't say much....

Woke up this morning and experience bleeding again...

It gets worst from day to day...
That's why some people never get it, why I worked so hard to make sure everything related to me is just right...

I've screwed up so much...

Ya Allah! The Most Gracious; The Most Merciful

I'm weak, unable and powerless to resist the temptations of living life the right way. It's a battle between the better angels of my nature and my inner demons. Someday I wish this would go but I realise I need to work for it and only with Your help I would make it through. This is difficult, for real..

If You need me to go now....
You know what's best for me..but one thing; I would try my best not to escape life on my own
because my life and death is only in Your hand

For some people, I may not seem like a standard they label with the Normal tag. 
Im AB+Normal but you are not the One Who created me...You never know

Yes, I've screwed up...

And it's time to put things back together...

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Friday, August 13, 2010

The name Huckleberries

Kaboosh! You have been blocked from the name changing application on Facebook for two weeks! Oh DAMN! Haha..after a series of name changing on FB, from Firdaus Fert to Firdaus Fert Nathaniel to Firdaus Fert Hatcher to Firdaus Fert Salvatore and the latest which I was suppose to add the 4th name I was blocked! 

Firdaus Fert Salvatore Huckleberries
~no nudity-perverts-or any degree of sex related in meaning~

 The big question is why HUCKLEBERRIES? Now read this:

Often confused with the blueberry due to its close resemblance, huckleberries are a wild blue-black crunchy berry. Although very similar in taste, the big difference is the seeds within the huckleberry that give it a texture when fresh and its thicker skin. The flavor is a little more tart than blueberries, with an intense blueberry flavor. Huckleberries are not cultivated commercially, so you will have to find them in the wild. The entire fruit is edible...no need to remove the seeds. Huckleberries can be used interchangeably in most blueberry recipes, so if you find yourself with a huckleberry harvest, just choose a blueberry recipe and give it a whirl. Huckleberry season is normally from June through August. To harvest a large quantity, spread a clean cloth on the ground and shake the plant; ripe fruits will drop onto the cloth. Store at temperatures just above freezing with high humidity.
(Adapted from : http://homecooking.about.com/library/archive/blhuckbery.htm)

see the similarity??

 if NO? then no offense you are so Yesterday :))

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Friday, August 6, 2010

For Just A Minute

Give me a minute, to pause...calm down...and write what's on my mind...

For a minute....I saw the image of my family
How much hopes they put on me and how much love they gave...and what did I do in return?
Lies? Have I worked hard enough in my studies?

For a minute...I thought of these people
the outcasts;

the girl who goes all the way to the maximum pitch when I annoy her..
haha...I took this picture when she was about to smack me on the back

the two ladies who really care about me....from what I eat to what I wear. They even helped me get out from my "oh-my-it's-my-first-time-traveling-alone-freak-out-moment"..hehe..I really love you guys...

the pusher; push everything up to the limit...sometimes beyond the limit..too many exses (ex-gf) in his life...very pervert but good at cheering me and my other friends up every time the outcast hang out

For a minute....I thought of my long-known friend..my besties
I don't have to mention your names...you guys know....We've seen each other grow and how much we have changed with time. Faced the worst of life together, enjoy the joy it has to offer together

For a minute...I thought of myself
How devoted am I to my creator? I thought of this when I was on the KLCC bridge..all alone with my thoughts meters above the ground between the highest twin tower in the world..... 

 For a minute...A new friendship was born

 I met these people during the IYC Conference..it was great knowing them. I get to go shopping around with a Japanese girl named Haruna Aoyama..we swapped stories and information about our culture, etc..it was nice..I spoke to two PHD in psychology students from UPM (they're from Iran)..it was superb...I learned a lot from this conference.....
and then...for a minute..I thought of something
something...I don't usually think about...Illuminati and Freemason.....I started reading and watching stuffs about it. I need to know what is it about and how much it is affecting my life, my religion and my people. I can feel the goosebumps every moment I think about this. The theory of conspiracies in the world is more complicated then I thought it was. 
For just a minute....
our train of thoughts rushed in our mind....portraying images, reminiscing the past, present and future..A minute can be short or long..its a mind game...and a minute can just pass you without you noticing it......so dear readers...let yourself...

for just a minute

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