Thursday, September 2, 2010


31st August 2010 (8.30 a.m.)
One left four to go....
2nd September 2010 (8.30 p.m.)
Another left; three to go...

2nd September 2010 (9.45 p.m.)
One more left; two to go....
2nd September 2010 (10 p.m.)
Mr. Man Utd : Wow, I think we should try the Afugato...ada ice cream ni, mesti sedap
Miss Shh...    :  Hey, ya la why not..
Mr. Man Utd : Peach drink?
Miss Shh....   : No, no...Afugato
Say hello to AFUGATO!
  So damn hell; BITTER!!!! Pure espresso
and hell yeah we take turns to finish the espresso..hahah
and on our way back....I got a..
(if this is how it's spelled)

Yeah, I get it...this post was lacking of emotion somewhere..(Not so me huh?)..Hahah
It was a great journey having you guys around, cheering each other up. When you guys left one by one..I can feel the spaces in my heart. Happy Eid guys..Safe Journey Home!!
3rd September 2010

10 a.m. = Semi-last one will leave, one to go
9 p.m. = One left, none to go

~Goodbye UMK, The Outcast Will Be Back for more~

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  1. bongok laah..boleh tnye dlu tak kalo nak order yg pelik2 nnti xsurprise la kan..haha..xpe2,we should do that often.


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