Sunday, October 31, 2010

Empire State Of Mind

It was the past that insisted me to write this,
It was the past that woke me up yesterday-telling me your way behind,
It was the past that awaken some old feelings,
It was the past that brought back some pathetic tears,
It was the past that cause this sudden urge to think-really think,

It was mid 2006 when everything started. 

but I'm not going to write more here, If I let myself crouch in my bed under the blanket trying to hide from Misery, stalking the Venom, indulging some kind of imaginary moments with those Songs, I'm so delusional. 
but I'm hurt

with friends who could never understand the pain I'm going through even though it was not well portrayed in my words, actions and expressions. You guys are the people I've known for years, and taking it out on me is the best way, the best solution or should I say; the easiest means of trying to hurt me. Fine, you guys win.

One thing about me, I seldom let it out...Instead I would let it out through works, works, works...
I need stress, pressure, etc

One day I really want to see myself becoming more successful than you, like my friend used to say;

"It's not here (pointing to the heart) but it's all here (pointing to the brain)"

Yeah, it's all the empire state of mind.


  1. the one who read this post, one will know

  2. i know who ;)
    nice one ferdie! make it a series like what i did with rows of prayers :P


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