Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Bree Week

When most of my friends in overseas are busy writing about what they are going to do during winter, I guess mind would be more on what am I going to do during "Musim Tengkujuh". Cold, windy, rainy....haha..

Here when its Musim Tengkujuh in Kelantan it equals to the end of another semester. Wow, time really pass in just a blink of an eye. What more, with my tight and busy schedule since I've discovered some other sides of me..or should I said my sudden interest.

1) Our selected a few of us to represent our university for a Financing Quiz in Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya which was organized by PNB

to be honest, me and my teamates have no background in financing so what we did was basically spying on others' answers and started guessing which one is closes to our logic mind

2)Not only that, since the new season of Desperate Housewives is on air, I'm dying to watch the season's sneek peek!

3)FB+ing is a must!

4)A few weeks earlier, I've discovered my sudden interest in cinematography..I'm so into video making. I've even have some plans to shoot a 20 minutes short movie project next semester!

My First Video, Production Team

5) Classmates and Birthdays are part of the joys!
Another Birthday Boy!

6) Pranks and Quality time with friends make it better
 Blindfolded Birthday Boy!
Food Village costs more than pride?

7) Participation in some charity work, like teaching primary school students English~that's fun
Me and Kazimah as English Facilitators!

8) The Vermicompost Business is the new direction

ProEco Team; Dayah, Mae, Me (Fert), Faai, Zaty, Zee

9) Leaked copy of my primary years picture!
I got third placing in my class, Me, Naazirah and Say Keong

and of course.......I'm in my Bree Week!
Bree Week = lots of study+pressure, lots of housekeeping and high hygienic's all about housekeeping myself for the better me, next semester!


  1. can i say *like* ... good luck for finals~~

  2. LMAO, i love this! u compared winter and musim tengkujuh, good one ;)

    btw, im happy to know ure happy now with stuffs that u like, esp the cinematography stuffs (kinda remember the times where we imagine video clips and stuffs) its getting closer i guess to make it a reality, ;P

    good luck in life buddy, may we achieve happiness in lives, love the bree-week ;D


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