Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ba & Mak

I call her Mak and I call him Ba. There are my mum and dad-my parents.

You see, I was alone in my room (not really alone, just to be dramatic) looking at my photo album. My friends Rhoe and Zaf told me decorate the pages of the album using my graduation flower`s petals which my parents bought for me and Rhoe. And then there is one picture of me in my parents' room, sitting on the praying mat with a "lebai" on my head; I was 3 or 4 years old at that time I guess. Looking at the old cupboard, the old TV sets parents are designed to bounce back I think, given in what we have today. Im scared, know being the child of hopes...Im worried if I cannot make them proud of me, Im afraid I'll screwed up...Ba and Mak, you guys are amazing people so as my siblings....I'll put this post on hold first..I saw Ms Izyan (Ecology lecturer) tgh on9 FB. I'll get back to this after my paper tomorw. Tata, readers~  

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  1. hey....miss izyan approve ko k??ak x add pun sebab bdak2 ni kata miss x approve...=p


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