Friday, November 5, 2010

Empire State of Mind Too

~to fulfil my BFF's request, here goes~

    One hand in the air for the big city,

    Street lights, big dreams all looking pretty,

    No place in the world that can compare,

    Put your lighters in the air, Everybody says yeah~yeah~yeah

Oh yeah! Two papers done another five to go. Let's talk Kenegaraan Malaysia. After a very long argument with my bro regarding the importance of numbers, I finally learned that the result of long challenging debate is a MIGRAINE! FGS, I stayed up til 1.30 a.m and woke up at five but still I don't think the pain is gone, so I have to sleep again and wake up 1 1/2 hour later. Not enough time to study, pressured and stressed out AND I couldn't really answer the paper! So, I sat there for two hours wondering what happen during Kerajaan Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, what is Gagasan 1 Malaysia is about and some other questions which I find quite "interesting". Done with that, I had lunch with Kuvinn, Alex, Reva, Khirija and was fun though especially when we talked about our crazy journey with Konsortium Mutiara (Fast and Furious huh?).   
and here's the punchline:

Khirija said, "Are you guys sure? Saya rasa bila naik bas tu macam tengah dodoikan saya sampai tidur!"

What a moment, and then, I got this from Martina Irwan Khoo on her FB:

1. Violent 2.I'd marry you 3.Sweet 4.Beautiful 5.Talkative 6.Hot 7.Fit 8.Funny 9.Fun 10.Perfect Type 11.I love you 12.Missing you 13.Retarded 14.Blonde 15.The Best 16.Wish you were my boyfriend/girlfriend

some wrote 17, etc like OKAY, I get it..hahaha

Enough with that, lately I've been doing some reminiscing of the past quite a lot, hell lot. I remembered those days when my brother thought me how to really kick a football (and I disappointed him). I never really know how to kick a ball, maybe that's what keeping me from feeling like a real dude at this age *giggles. AND, another journey of the "Hey-lets-learn-how-to-kick-a-ball" happened! My other bro here in UMK tried to fill me in with such skills. Let see how far it'll work this time.
Another thing about me is, I don't like people talking about my soft part including my emotions or should I say love life. Stay out of it okay. So this one day, my pals talked about this girl which I really salute. She's brilliant, English educated, and should I say a perfect house maker from what I heard. 

Here's the thing, when comes to Fert and Love never asked or acquire for further details. I need to feel special, and have a special feeling for her. If the feeling of love can be discussed in a impromptu way, I guess it won't be that special anymore. So just let me and feelings alone for a while okay. And later my gym coach, football coach and also my brother did this piece of artwork on my lappy while watching some stuffs I have in my external hard disk.

Check this out!

Seriously, my wallpaper? 

You know one thing bro, I'll go for her in my own way. Thanx for the words of wisdom.

In a few days my exam will be over, and I'll be off to Penang my hometown. Time to start brainstorming ideas for the next season of Fertalicious So Delicious!


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