Sunday, November 21, 2010

S4x01: Remember Mr. WOW?

-Let me begin this whole new season with a "short" reminiscence of a history of this one particular guy-

It was 1998 when he first learned the art of telling a story. He walked on a big stage facing a huge crowd of pupils and teachers, the microphone was already on. So he began with a story entitled "Harimau dan Tikus". There were so many punchlines that put the crowd into laughter but some giggled with joy. He made it; he won the competition. The following years, he took part in competition by competition until the year 2002 he , where made a remarkable achievement. The first boy of Sekolah Kebangsaan Batu Lanchang who made it to the Nationals for The Islamic Storytelling Competiton representing the Penang state. He didn't really win the competition but make it to the top 10. At the end of 2002, it was the Academic Day, he was awarded "The Most Outstanding Student of SKBL 2002". He was not just a good storyteller but also participated in sports, art performances, was a school prefect and many more. Of course, I really know this particular guy very well. He was standing outside the hall when the MC read his background and achievements; it was so touching. Then he went up the stage with his two parents. That was the greatest moment of his life, having his parents by his side holding his hands on stage. In 2003 to 2007, victories, achievements, etc are part of his life. Every year, there's always something new being achieved; from storytelling to dramafest to debate. Life for him was just great, or should I call it a Big Wow. BUT, of course; every victory comes with assisting pains and tears. I called him Mr. Wow back then.  Medals, trophies, certs. I wish I could remember the Mr. Wow. You see, when we grow up, life seems to steal a lot from us; instead it starts offering something new, each and everyday.So, I ponder....who is this Mr. Wow?..and here goes:

Years have passed, the trophy gets kinda dusty

~When I saw this..I realized that the Mr. Wow was me~

So, I promise myself; It's a whole new beginning and Mr. Wow will need to make his appearance very soon

F.Y.I: This is not a post about how great I am, I need to write things to see things; that's just me


  1. this is the post about how great you are.

  2. Asyraf Hanafi!!! No this is not!!! :|

  3. seriously... its damn wikid the background and all! ;) starter kit? c'mon lol

    looking forward to reading the next register,

    btw, "the trophy kinda gets kinda dusty" part, u really do preserve the vintage side of it well haha =)


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