Friday, November 19, 2010

Season 4 Premiere: Big WOW & Big OUCH?

In life, there's sometimes a short cut but most of the time you're gonna be needing a one
or maybe a few long route before achieving what you really want. You see; people look at things in many different ways.
In my life, I've met two special people.

1) The one who choose to do it right

Given in the condition of ones family, one still willing to work during semester break. Look after ones sibling since one is the eldest. Participates in many activities, still have time to hangout with friends. The best part, one indulges the pain all on ones own. 

Tell me something, how come people still do it right when life puts a big pressure on you. A serious salute to you friend.

2) The one who choose to do it one step less from the word right

Given in the condition of ones family, one decides to trade ones pride for a few moments of "joy". I know your in pain, I know its not what you want, I know you're trying to get yourself out of it. I bet you you feel the same's just...

Tell me something, are we designed this way? So that some can be the strong brave ones who can get through everything and the other

You all new season will be hell lot more difficult to go old feelings are back,
I know this is a test from God, a test to check on my progress..Have I been learning from life? Or Have I been enjoying too much?

This Whole New Season will be about me getting rid of the old feelings and this time I'll work very hard to do it right. Another thing is..if I wanna big WOW..I'll be needing A Big OUCH!!!

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  1. Salam..

    saya just blogwalking..baru tahu pasal blog ni..

    ingatkan siri tv jer ada bermusim2 gini..hehe

    Anyway kalau ada masa, silalah menjelajah ke blog saya.



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