Sunday, December 5, 2010

S4x03: Those Days

Take a glimpse at some old pictures of yours. How much could they really tell you about the past?. I was speaking to my eldest sis about my childhood years. It was 1999, when I first took part in a storytelling competition and my eldest sister was the one who wrote the story entitled "Harimau dan Tikus" (said as The Lion and The Mouse in english). The feeling, the environment, the crowd was so different back then. My first attempt was so WOW..hahaha...I could still remember the part when I imitate the voice of the mouse and the lion; the crowd broke into laughter. When I was still a kid, I am pretty darn naughty, you see my third sister told me this one story about how people in those days were so reunited. They really looked after their neighbors' children. When she went for Quran Reading class my brothers friend will be around telling her this; 

"Aku nampak hang buang tudung, dok keluaq tak tentu hala-aku bagitau mak hang xpun abang hang nanti terajang hang" (If I ever saw you going around without a scarf to cover your aurah/hijab or doing something unpleasant I'll tell your mom or you're brother will be kicking you if he finds out-English)

Those were the words that really put people of those days alert of what they should/shouldn't do even though they came in a form of threat. Key word: REMINDER. That's what people nowadays differ from people of those days, we forget to remind each other how bad we're getting, which line not to cross because we really believe in the theory of "silence means you know it on your own".  My mom said nowadays you couldn't just let your kids wonder around or run around with freedom like those days, people of the world are running short when it comes to love (they don't mind killing for the sake of temporary wealth). Keep your kids under your supervision until they are really big and mature enough to face the world, embed them with religious knowledge and motivation (positive influences). Better be safe than sorry people. When the world gets more advance, the more rules will need to be invented to keep ourselves secure. It's okay if I'm so Yesterday.

As time passes by, my eldest sis got married and in a few years later this is a whole new picture of her life:

 My eldest sis and her family
 My nephew Haziq Zakwan and my niece Roudhotul Husnina
My niece at Genting Highlands

My eldest sis turned out to be so my mom the way she raised her children and in terms of finance. Well, a few years later my brother got married and his love for children became bolder with the presence of his first son, my nephew:
My nephew-Uwais Nasri

Next year, my second sister is getting married and in a few years later her life will change to. And it seems like I'm the only one left. The youngest child in the family. My siblings turned out to be so nice just the way my parents wanted. The big question is...Can I? Whatever it is, I believe that despite all those mistakes I've done I am sure that all I want now is correct them and keep reminding myself about those days.....


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