Saturday, January 29, 2011

S4x06: Health Scare

"You know..the one good thing about having Health Scare is?....
It makes you think about what the important things are?"
~We all think that we're gonna be here forever, that we have all the time in the world
to say out what are the important things..but..we don't~

I don't know why, but I have a strong urge to write a new post now. The lines above are what I heard from Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 12. This episode really awakens the blues in me. There's another scene where Lynette Scavo and Tom sit at their dining table for breakfast watching their kids all grown up; and realized that they have gone through so many beautiful moment together in their marriage. Oh my, this episode is so lovely yet touching. Yes, I do agree about the important things in life thingy. You see, a few weeks back I decided to back away from my friends. I do this all the time even during my previous friendships. Then I realized that these people are very important in my life. They complete my circle of cloud nine. I never realized all these until distance told me so. When I'm in pain, they are there to tease me and make me forget about all those tense from studies and work. Sometimes it hurts but most of the time, we laughed about it. As I enjoyed myself watching DH just now, I see my life in it and what I want my future to be. Sitting on a chair looking at my kids all grown up teasing each other, joking with one another but at the same time filled with love of a family. I want to see my friends with their spouse and children, my kids calling my mum and dad; Nani and Tok Ba, my kids hugging my siblings calling em Aunty Ani, Aunty Ayu, Uncle Aswad. At some point, I hate myself because I never know how to appreciate what I have right now. That's part of being human, we will never realise the important things in our life until time has taken em away from us. When we know that'll die very soon, then we'll get to see where we are in our life and what we've done. 

I love every single person, I've met in my life. Each of them teach me something about life but I obviously love the One and only One..above...For who ever I am today, He created and shaped me to be this way. And I am grateful, if not I'll never get the chance to experience what I have today. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

S4x05: Mix Blood?

"Hey, guess what (there's a long pause here) those girls over there thought that you're an Indian you know..."
Okay, it's like the 10+100th time I've been getting this throughout my life? Here's the thing people..yes Indian blood runs in my family. My grandpa (on my dad's side) was all the way from India. Settled in Penang during the 40s/50s (not that sure bout the era), got married for the second time (my grandma has the punjabi or sikh blood running in her...i think) and that was how my father come to be. My mother? idea. I don't really know about the history of my family that much. It's not that I don't bother to know but it's just so complicated. Parents don't really talk about it, when I asked them they said they don't really what's the point of working so hard to investigate on my family background? Might just stuff myself with my favourite "kartoffel" and watch Desperate Housewives 24-7. Frankly speaking, it's not that I'm embarrassed for not being a pure malay...i'm just pissed off because I don't know the answer to their questions. But then, there's no point whining; might just indulge them with my fake "Oh yea! I am, do want me to read out the Fertalicous Factbook on Family History for you?" Come on ~sigh~ People, people, people are so people. Mix blood people are so special, you'll never know until you are one :)

My advice for you guys would be: Stop discriminating people, it'll bring you no where but it'll bring them somewhere (better than you guys-that's for sure)      

S4x04: Lips Smacking People

You can sense it the moment they open up their mouth, is where confidence starts making its appearance, you can feel it the moment their eyes roll left and right trying to convince the speaker of the house. It's a art filled completely with everything:
~it's a sport in a way~
~it's a dance in a way~

it's beautiful...and people call it debate.

The last time I check, I'm from not a very rich family (so I wear economical stuffs), but I believed who ever I am today is because of my parents. In the debating world, the energy is different...the competition is far more challenging...its far more tiring than being in sports (trust me, I play volleyball...sweating ease up stress :p)....people judge each other in the debating world...the way you walk, look and absolutely the way you speak as well. Here in UMK, when I first came; they don't have a debating committee (or club) I thought..lets start one...and here goes..I met these beautiful people along the way that make up a family...

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Sidekick Post~"transitory point"

~There was a long pause before the fourth post, but before that lets hear it from "a sidekick post"~

Dear Doctor:
I'm just not feeling it anymore,
I'm just not into it anymore,
I'm just not gettin' it anymore...


That's what I'm facing these days...the same old thing over and over again
Sometimes I wanna be invisible, in my own world where I don't have to know anyone
When there's human, there's pain

"I need a rest"

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