Wednesday, January 19, 2011

S4x04: Lips Smacking People

You can sense it the moment they open up their mouth, is where confidence starts making its appearance, you can feel it the moment their eyes roll left and right trying to convince the speaker of the house. It's a art filled completely with everything:
~it's a sport in a way~
~it's a dance in a way~

it's beautiful...and people call it debate.

The last time I check, I'm from not a very rich family (so I wear economical stuffs), but I believed who ever I am today is because of my parents. In the debating world, the energy is different...the competition is far more challenging...its far more tiring than being in sports (trust me, I play volleyball...sweating ease up stress :p)....people judge each other in the debating world...the way you walk, look and absolutely the way you speak as well. Here in UMK, when I first came; they don't have a debating committee (or club) I thought..lets start one...and here goes..I met these beautiful people along the way that make up a family...

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