Saturday, January 29, 2011

S4x06: Health Scare

"You know..the one good thing about having Health Scare is?....
It makes you think about what the important things are?"
~We all think that we're gonna be here forever, that we have all the time in the world
to say out what are the important things..but..we don't~

I don't know why, but I have a strong urge to write a new post now. The lines above are what I heard from Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 12. This episode really awakens the blues in me. There's another scene where Lynette Scavo and Tom sit at their dining table for breakfast watching their kids all grown up; and realized that they have gone through so many beautiful moment together in their marriage. Oh my, this episode is so lovely yet touching. Yes, I do agree about the important things in life thingy. You see, a few weeks back I decided to back away from my friends. I do this all the time even during my previous friendships. Then I realized that these people are very important in my life. They complete my circle of cloud nine. I never realized all these until distance told me so. When I'm in pain, they are there to tease me and make me forget about all those tense from studies and work. Sometimes it hurts but most of the time, we laughed about it. As I enjoyed myself watching DH just now, I see my life in it and what I want my future to be. Sitting on a chair looking at my kids all grown up teasing each other, joking with one another but at the same time filled with love of a family. I want to see my friends with their spouse and children, my kids calling my mum and dad; Nani and Tok Ba, my kids hugging my siblings calling em Aunty Ani, Aunty Ayu, Uncle Aswad. At some point, I hate myself because I never know how to appreciate what I have right now. That's part of being human, we will never realise the important things in our life until time has taken em away from us. When we know that'll die very soon, then we'll get to see where we are in our life and what we've done. 

I love every single person, I've met in my life. Each of them teach me something about life but I obviously love the One and only One..above...For who ever I am today, He created and shaped me to be this way. And I am grateful, if not I'll never get the chance to experience what I have today. 


  1. Waaaaaa T.T fert, seriously...sedey coz...=.=' huh..yeah, distance make u feel regretted but how bout people who r not welcoming u so well in this friendship huh?

  2. like I said whatever it is, we gotta learn to love and appreciate them. Every brought together, coincidence, separations, etc are arranged by the Almighty

  3. this post touches a chord in me :'( nice one fert, love it.


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