Saturday, April 9, 2011

S4x08: "I killed a lizard, and it was BRUTAL"

Yes, I did it. I think this is my second post that involves a creature named LIZARD. I'm sorry but I have to. I was left with no other options. Shoo-ing it away would not be the best solution, lizards are annoying they'll come back and poop even more. Yea, talking about lizards' poop @ droppings (since they fall all the way from the ceiling to where mankind settled down in their so called civilized world). I was housekeeping today when I saw one, crawling happily from one corner towards my roomate's (Frankie) personal space or should I say personal ceiling area. So I took a hanger (in Malay it is called Penyangkut) and yes...I hit it hard and it fell on my bed; half-paralysed. Then I took it and threw it out of the window.


I'm staying in the third floor.

When I peeped through my window. I could no longer see the half-paralysed lizard.

Gosh. One down, three to go.

*Thought of keeping some of them for my friend Izzaty Iqlima. Kalau buat sup cicak ni sedap~ 


  1. heehehe~aku tau nak buat ape.kau bunuh pastu simpan bagi aku tau..nak nak!

  2. fuck you this is the lizzard


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