Tuesday, April 12, 2011

S4x09: Color and Light

I was not in a pretty good condition like I used to be when I'm in my exam week. Last semester was fun and great. Last minute study really works for me. Maybe because I worked hard in the beginning. The truth is, every time when there's exam I realized that there'll be people around motivating me. Last semester I have my SBN senior Ejat Rotifers and  Ms Izyan Khalid  gave me a few words of wisdom. When this semester began, I have Ms Izyan giving me some motivational words so that I'll focus and score. The starting was great. Then I have Ms. Faliq, Mr. Aweng, Puan Aslina, some of the SBS4 seniors, classmates and some friends I met on the way going to office, etc telling me to stay strong. "Fert, you can do it". If they know how much I'm screwing up. Haiyah Fert! Why did you always look for trouble in life. BUT THEN, when I cleared my mind, sat down on my study table I realized that those words actually help. The crowd kept me going. Why am I so scared of failing when the battle is not over yet. Quitter or Winner? Then I saw this.... 

Life is filled with colors and lights, hope and faith, failure and triumph. By reciting words from Quran, praying to the Almighty and motivational words from seniors, lecturers and friends I could feel the energy being pumped into me. The spirit to study.

Fert, you can do it. Never give up. Paint in some color in your life, live the light on in you.

-for Him, for your religion, for your family, for your country and for your friends first then for you will be completed-

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