Sunday, April 24, 2011

S4x10: Cliffhanger?


You know what..this thing has been happening to me for years. Yea, people will think I'm the black devil because I put up the attitude. What's with my attitude? Hurm....When I'm annoyed I'll give "THE ATTITUDE". It's difficult handling things that involved girls. Look at the picture of Emma Stone in the film Easy A. I can see me facing the same thing as she did. People will keep blaming you..and guess what...FINE! If people really think that I've changed, then I would change myself. Let's amuse for this one time them since they have nothing else better to do than hurting others. 

Let me share with you guys a little bit about my history. Socialising? Yea, dats my habit. For over years, I've been hanging out with so many people in my life. I realised that the way I spoke to people varies according to my level of respects for them. I believe the same principle applied to you as well (you may not realise this but yes, it's just us being mankind). You have to know that the level of care fluctuates with time. There are times when you will portray extra care, times when you don't feel like you wanna care and more. You cannot expect me to be caring and reliable 24-7 it's not like you're my soulmate or something. SO PLEASE WAKE UP! I've had enough with this friendship thingy in my life. I hate having go through this over and over again. The best way is just to ignore, but this time I'm really gonna change. I've decided.

 My friend once said to me;
"Fert, they have to understand you are not just anyone...
you have a position right now, huge responsibility that you have to look up to".

Yea, you're right

It's time for me to really take in the attitude as a leader, act like one, talk like one and finally be one. I realised that I'm not that mature, but it's time to open up and get it done. God destined me to take this responsibility and I believe that He really wants me to change myself into someone better. 

To my five dearest friend. Thank you for bearing with me, my attitude, my whines and the best part understand the problem and phase I'm going through. Instead you guys are helping me through it. Every time when I decided to eat alone I imagine you guys sitting around me joking and so on. It healed me up without having to let you guys hear all whines I've got. And sometimes I imagine..what's next?

Life is a cliffhanger...sometimes you would never know what happen next..the a few seconds time...


  1. fert you have a vagina now?hahaha.kidding.marah lah tu.tapi rindu.ahaha

  2. ass is the new vagina! LOL...bodo acap nak rindu ko watpe


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