Monday, April 25, 2011

S4x11: "Isaac Priscilla Frenkie @ Frenky?"

On this episode, I have one thing to share with you guys fellow readers. It's already the end of semester 4, basically it's almost the season finale of fertalicious so delicious. Since the first season I have different neighbours (which I'm referring to my roommates) moved in and out all the time. And this time, my latest neighbour has left town today.

Frankie Ishak Tan is one crazy roommate. This season has been a blast for me. Any changes that occurred in my life this sem, he was always there to witness, joke about it and yea we are crazy roommates. He called himself Isaac Frank on FB, but I have several names for him such as Isaac Priscilla. Why? Well...if you watch American Virgin, then you'll know. Despite, his laziness to wake up early in the morning this dude over here is nocturnal! Yea! NOCTURNAL BIG TIME! Supplier of the TV series and great video producer!. Practiced my American accent with him and yea of course those lines from TV series. Besides, he's a very good listener. Another thing, about this episode banner...hurm...why Frenky? why Frenkie? hahaha...He loves sending his clothes to the laundry shop and yea that Akak over there spelled his name as Frenky...after quite a time she realised that she'd misspelled his name as Frenky and corrected it to Frenkie which is also wrong. Funny huh, this guy relax je, in fact he could laugh about it.

"Hey, Frank (son of Mariah Carey), if you're reading this I would like
you to know that YOU ARE THE CRAZIEST roommate I ever had"
So fellow readers, that's it. The latest neighbour of mine has just moved out (he's now in LA). Another neighbour of mine has been killed off the storyline in my life (don't wish to tell you guys more about this person). And now it's up to the new season. Season 5 of my life in completing my first degree. I wonder who would be my new neighbour next season.

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  1. wow this is an honor to be featured in one of your episodes.. :P haha i am now officially converted from 0 to 100% naughtiness for being pricilla XD

    p/s: thank you and that Frenky or Frenkie story was funny!haha happy holiday n takecare sunshine corazon! hehe


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