Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two Is Better Than One

Listen to the song while looking at the picture

I never thought it's gonna happen to me. Yes, I saw the written note..made with love~

~I post this with LOVE~

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Never Met A Girl Like You Before

I'm sorry for being in the middle of something everytime you called..

to be honest, sometimes I feel like wanna hug you tight and just be with you

Never met any girl like you so far..You are so positive and understanding

~Missin' You So Much~

Friday, May 20, 2011

Am I really the President that they want?

I was really hurt today by the act from my university's admin. Who ever is in charge of 
informing MPP that YB Muhyiddin Yassin will be coming to UMK Bachok Campus
to officiate the entrance road tomorrow. Who am I? Not the student President?

This really sucks...

Other Presidents are always busy at their Uni, welcoming our country leaders.

Maybe I have not given all out yet to make 'em proud!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Good ones...VERSUS...the Bad ones...

Results out...

Seriously, I'm grateful but if Mom ever finds out then it went down from the previous one,
I doomed. So better keep it concealed. Not telling Mama this time

The Good ones...
I finally let my heart fell for someone little by little
(hope she'll be the first lucky girl)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


It's awkward when both sides almost say it..or have said it..I'm not sure

is this my first time?

i guess so

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The "great" thing about being a GUY!

People says... (or Girls usually  says):

1. You are stinky!

2. You are lazy!

3. All you know is just eat and sleep!

4. You are a pervert!

5. Do not discriminate us!

Yea...these are some of the "great" things you get for being a in this world appreciate girls more than guys nowadays..Sometimes I wonder why?....hurmmm

the 4 words..

think about you, dream about you

feels like hugging you, kissing you

the 4 words?

still on it's way....haha 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Need To Get The Hell Out Of Here!

First thing in the morning she complains non-stop...

"Record tak banyak lah, ambik sikit sangat lah"

Then next time don't ask me to become the pengapit or might as well hire a professional video guy. Seriously pissed off now, with workload from UMK n her whines. She complained when she was the one who told me "jangan ambil gambar orang banyak sangat"

-The Anger Stops here, next time I'll just ignore-

Monday, May 9, 2011

If He makes me choose....

Today is the longest journey in my life 
(filled with love, memories, challenges and lies)

Sis's Weds
It started with the best day of my sister's life+mom's whines+bored-to-death-friends-who-are-clueless-of-what-to-do

at Mr. Perv's
So here's the thing, after my sister's kenduri in Penang, we headed towards Taiping (Mr. Perv's House). Spent two nights there and hang around Taiping. Couldn't believe myself how much pain it cause once I'm back there. Well, hate to be born soft-hearted.

On Monday morning, everyone got ready to return to our homes. My three girls (Izzaty, Paa and Yan) went back with the train. I got in and sent Paa n Yan, while Acap and Opah sent Zaty. Before I could really-really bit farewell, the train was already moving and I had to jump off the train (feels like action hero at the moment). Then, it's just Me, Opah n Acap younger's sister and Acap. When I saw the train leaving, it hurts again but I tried bearing the pains (tak kan la nak nangis depan Opah Acap..haha). My brain never stops thinking, it goes on and on all the time (so if you saw me giving blank stares...yea I'm thinking). Later, Mr. Perv sent me to my MRSM Taiping. Well when he and Opah left...I'm sad again. The day becomes way worst when I met my be specific...English teachers...and this is what I found: 

MRSM Taiping 

My teachers said they talked about me every single year there in Taiping. These two boxes (my father made 'em for me) is what I left behind. The wooden briefcase and the mailbox was what I always used when I was the secretary of the English Motivational Committee. I told 'em can I have the briefcase back and they said no...that's what we have to think about you here. Then we talked and laughed about the old days......

and then....

it's time to return back home, called the cab but they said they were no cabs now. So I decided to walk til bukit larut because I'm sure there will be a cab there. As I left my school, my heart started breaking apart already and my mind was not thinking straight, I was sobbing and I couldn't stand having these feelings. Then a car stopped by and ask where am I going. The Mak Cik and her daughter was so nice to me, and then I said terminal bas; nak balik Penang. Then she said come on in, and yea..I got in. It was a little awkward but then I didn't feel like a stranger at all. She spoke to me, a lot. Then we stopped by to have a drink. I was alone with her daughter and I said "Saya segan la kak". And then she told me that's her mom and she's her only child. Damn..I cried deep inside my heart again....Once we're done she sent me to Terminal Bas Parit Buntar.

Parit Buntar Bus Terminal?
I cried again here, I was in MRSM Transkrian for three years and I spent my weekend with family and sometimes friends here.

Butterworth-Ferry Terminal
And yea, once I arrived here couldn't stop thinking about my life. So I decided to take a day off and strand myself around Tanjung Bungah area (on the hill, in the middle of nowhere). I took my time to deal with my feelings and then I realised it was already night. Almost I tried to stop a bus, but the stupid rapid Penang ignored me. So I walked, hoping I can get back home in time. I was so damn scared

The Taxi ride
After 15 minutes walking I managed to stop a taxi.
Me: "Uncle balik Free School berapa?"
Uncle Taxi: RM30 
Me: Ala..Uncle saya tak ada duit ni, tolong la saya, dah malam xde orang pun kat jalan ni..please uncle
Uncle Taxi: Haiya....ok lo...RM20 saja wa kasi lu...
Me: Thank you uncle, saya tengah susah hati ni. Thank you tau
Uncle taxi: Xpa lo, xde duit cakap wa bolei kasi tolong. Ini kawasan bahaya mlam-malam

Home Sweet Home
The Uncle sent me back home for RM20. It was okay, and he was nice. I came back home thinking about the journey I had today. WOW! Walking down memory lane really was a terrible pain in the ass. 

and then I pondered...

if He makes me choose...I would never give up my family, friends or even all these memories. The cries make me stronger each time. Let me be in pain, because when I'm in pain is the moment I have Him with me. Just trying to be honest, when we are happy with what we have we usually forget Him. 

Ya Allah, please protect me and my heart.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

S4x12 (Season Finale): Drawn the Curtain

Yup, here it is. The finale of Season 4. I'm back at home now. Spent the entire day with my niece, nephews and turtles. Downloaded 7.14 of Desperate Housewives...gosh...I love the internet connection at home way better than at UMK. Guess, dats all folks...but before that..I've learnt something meaningful from this one superb guy. I spent 2 hours talking to him whereby the original plan was for half an hour.

P.M. Abd. Aziz-Dean of FTKW

Let me quote:
"Allah have planned everything. He chose you to take this position and make the best of it. How hard you work if according to Him the formula is wrong then it won't work but if the formula is right-you'll get what you want. Keyword: Sincerity"
He is one superb guy. I'll remember every single piece of his advice. Well, I've met many great people throughout this season. It is one superb season for me. And now I shall be gettin ready for the all new season 5.

Let's recap the entire season:
                            Episode 5  : Mix Blood?
                            Episode 6  : Health Scare

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