Tuesday, May 3, 2011

S4x12 (Season Finale): Drawn the Curtain

Yup, here it is. The finale of Season 4. I'm back at home now. Spent the entire day with my niece, nephews and turtles. Downloaded 7.14 of Desperate Housewives...gosh...I love the internet connection at home way better than at UMK. Guess, dats all folks...but before that..I've learnt something meaningful from this one superb guy. I spent 2 hours talking to him whereby the original plan was for half an hour.

P.M. Abd. Aziz-Dean of FTKW

Let me quote:
"Allah have planned everything. He chose you to take this position and make the best of it. How hard you work if according to Him the formula is wrong then it won't work but if the formula is right-you'll get what you want. Keyword: Sincerity"
He is one superb guy. I'll remember every single piece of his advice. Well, I've met many great people throughout this season. It is one superb season for me. And now I shall be gettin ready for the all new season 5.

Let's recap the entire season:
                            Episode 5  : Mix Blood?
                            Episode 6  : Health Scare


  1. Why is your words so short?? I want to read more...write more! What did Prof say??? I am curious!! motivate me too!

  2. hahaha. Man, the more I read your blog, the more I can see the Desperate Housewives in you. Gosh, I love the concept. Keep it on, man! :))


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