Sunday, August 28, 2011

I was a Storyteller!

7 Years of my life, I spent on participating storytelling competitions, the first one was in the year 1999.My first ever experience telling a story in front of a huge crowd in the place we called 'Kantin Sekolah' :) I would love to dedicate this post to my eldest sister, my friend Sarah Sulaiman, my Ustaz, Mr. Fishon, Ms. Mariam Zulhijjah, Zharif Azfar, Mdm. Ravichandrika and Mr. Rizal. These are the people who were there throughout my journey in storytelling and here are the list of stories I've told throughout my 7 years!:-

1999-Harimau dan Tikus (Malay)
written by my eldest sister, Rohani
-this is my first story & my first win

2000-The Terrified Goat (English)
written by me, checked by Sarah Sulaiman Chng
-i ranked second in this competition

2002-Kisah Adam dan Hawa (Malay-Agama)
 written by my Ustaz
 -this story brought me to Pertandingan Bercerita Kisah2 Al-Quran (National Level)

2002-Harimau dan Tikus (Malay)
 written by me, improvised by Mr. Fishon
 -ranked second

2002-Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup (Malay)
 written by me, improvised by Mr. Fishon
-first win for the story I wrote myself
2003-The Wonderful Bag (English)
  taken from 1001 Arabian Nights Book
-well, no placing for me at all..I did badly on this one

2004-The Lion and The Mouse (English)
 written by me and Miss Mariam Zulhijjah
-my first win at MRSM Northern zone level and disqualified at Nationals because I sang?
2005-The Little Red Riding Hood (English)
 written by me and Miss Mariam Zulhijjah
-my second win at MRSM Northern Zone Level and ranked second at Nationals

2009-Happily Never After (English)
 written by me with help of Zharif Azfar, improvised by Mdm Ravichandrika
-won this one, was during Matriculation
2009-The Enchanted Voice box (English)
 written by me, improvised by Mdm. Ravichandrika & Mr. Rizal
-first time wining Nationals (Minggu Kreativiti dan Inovasi Matrikulasi 2009)

Thank You to my family, friends and of course my storytelling advisers. I would never ever forget you guys.


  1. i had the experience once.. i was damn horrible..haha..x nak story telling lagi dah..haha

  2. i did the Little Red Riding Hood too! siap ada costume lagi =P


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