Tuesday, September 27, 2011

S5E02: Malfunctioned Dreams

Am I an awesome leader? Yup..I know it's a big NO.
Frankly speaking, I'm in the malfunction state right, don't feel like spilling 'em out on Facebook anymore.
I have eyes watching, mouth talking and of course..gossips spreading. Bus probs in my University is like critical now, why can't they improve from time to time? My SRC mates...like...hurm...spending their precious time living a normal life I bet. I have to tell em wat to do, then 'tada' they'll do it.

You know what Fert? You're dream to turn them into working machines will never come true. Your dream is to bring up the mentality to another level will never be true. Yes, you're having doubts now because of your shitty leadership. How are you gonna roll-up the few months left with an AWESOMENESS in your University?

You know what, I'm not happy at all that I have a bike. I just don't feel happy. Life's kinda fucked up now. Thank God I have Zaty with me and yea Yan. At least they're so freaking there for me la. I have to deal with lots of damages this semester. 

Tot about Megan Hunting myself..but I just have to be double the strong

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