Friday, October 28, 2011

S5E03: Exorbitant Bitch

Doc Fert Hunt Salvatore

I know I've went way out of line, not just once but for 15 consecutive years. The act, the gossips and the 'coffee' makes me sick with my life. Partly; what Gaga says could be true: born this way much huh? The mind boggling disease is parasitic and it's eating me from the inside. Pills? Been there done that. Crazy coffee ride? Been there done that. 

Now, exorbitant vixen? Nothing much to decipher here...gosh I'm pretty fucked up now (Listening to Norah Jones-Above Ground) lets talk about my I-WATCH-WHATEVA-SERIES-I-COULD moment....

1) Desperate Housewives Season 8 (Kiss Them Goodbye)

2) Body Of Proof Season 2

3) Modern Family Season 3

4) Vampire Diaries Season 3

5) That's So Raven Season 1

6) The State of Georgia

and yea my new Guilty Pleasure...ABC-Once Upon A Time (NEW)

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