Saturday, November 12, 2011

S5E04: Secrets

Don't just look at the picture..stare at it, there's more than just my fake smile, pale green grass and yea a "double meaning" wordings on my T.

*crack the code: location of picture taken, words on T, facial expression..these clues reflects a little about my secret

I have a secret.

It was 15 years ago...and yea another tragic incident the pass 5 years (Oh yea...not one but two..they're kinda related). But now, the pain is coming back....Every time I have a happy life, everything is just fine, plain and normal..the old fire will conflagrate again...I have to put myself together, because one faulty move/decision could throw my life in the same misery all over again. I have been dealing with it throughout my life..dats 15++years

What should you do, if you have a secret?
if you start sharing, then it'll not be a secret anymore
BURY 'em

Try burying em, that's the best thing to do. I suggest you deal with it, in personal with Him. He knows best. 
Well, of course it's impossible to handle it on your own; so you may look for the closest person in your life. Talk to 'em. I'm sure they'll care but it is advisable not to take the 'extra confident' route by telling everyone you know about your secret. Human minds and their perceptions are very complex; unexpected. That's what complicates our lives. 

Life is like a turning table. Gods permits temporary happiness before He puts you into another test and see how are you doing. Have you improved? Learned from the pass? and He is serious about it.

The struggle to look good, super infallible; really is difficult. 


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