Saturday, December 3, 2011

S5E05: How should things end?

F.S.D Season 5 is the worst season I would say, I seldom update my blog and yea my life is hell of a mess this semester. I'm caught up with a huge responsibility which I think I have totally failed in fulfilling it.

My love life?
Very pathetic I tell you..hahaha

Never ever fell in love with the right person, now and before? Yup. Never.

Been played always.  

Fert,'re a freaking stupid dumb ass. You restrict yourself from letting your heart melt the pass 5 years, and got weak in just a few days. That person will never love you (wake up), that person will never ever be able to be there for you (wake up), you're just a toy (wake up)...

Another wake up call huh? Damn fert! Damn!

Inilah akibat layan lagu Adele banyak sangat...Someone Like You, Lovesong, I won't Go, Don't You Remember...I got her entire album anyway...

So the big question is..How should things end in a never existing relationship?

You could never remain friends and pretend everything is just fine, you'll be in a deep pain so might as well end it now. That's my answer, to any of you out there..this is an official Fert's wake up call...Draw the line now before you inflict more pain to your fragile heart

You know you love me

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