Saturday, December 24, 2011

S6E01: Moving On...

It's funny how things are,
It's funny how things turn out to be,
It's funny how you try to deal with 'em.


that's a cover+up word, I'm sure you guys know that. That's what most of us do to survive and cope with
whatever life puts us through. Suffering from the inside but all perfect from the outside. Let it be one hell of a day or a day in heaven we all pretend hoping to portray the best image of ourselves.

My life is always in a big mess. I screw up most of the times, do irresponsible and yea 'funny' things too.
That's the complicity of being a homosapien..err..I mean being Fert.

My President year is almost over, I have this partial satisfaction on the things I've contributed to my friends
and university. Coffee with Prof, PERMATA Award, Consultation Meetings, Online Management System and yea all the speeches to open up everyone minds and inject a little spirit and motivation so as catering to welfare issues is still not enough. Couldn't imagine how am I gonna start my life not being important anymore. On top of that, I've got this huge problem with my love life this semester. Everything at once and KABOOSH I'm so going down.

When this happen, we have no other options left but to


So here are some tips on how to be a 'fake':

#1: Start with imagining yourself putting all your emotions in a box (like what Jeren drew up here)

#2: Put on the best honest smile you have and open your eyes wide
(*only if you're chinese then forget the eyes part)

#3: Stand straight and take a deep breath

#4: Pretend as if your acting in a famous television series
(Renee/Bree from DH, Santana from Glee, Megan Hunt from Body Of Proof, 
Stefan & Damon from Vampire Diaries or Barney Stinson from HIMYM)

#5: Throw in some innocent jokes and spontaneous compliments in your conversations
(this is the art of distraction, if someone asked you something you don't wanna dwell at the moment)

Just give these tips a try and see if things work out..

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