Sunday, December 25, 2011

S6E03: Cleaning Up!

This is one of the worst semester. Waking up in a pile of clothes, limited moving space per student, and yea probs+probs+probs+stress+f**ked up life = No more Bree week.

What's a Bree Week?

According to Doc Fert Hunt Salvatore, a specialist in dusting and stressing out - Bree Week can be defined as 7 days of working my our ass of to keep up a good hygienic level and a proper yet decent life.

So while listening to Moves Like Jagger, I googled "Cleaning Up":

and here goes a very good reason for you to plan your daily life a create a check list specially for cleaning up something like a duty roaster:

Top 10 Reasons to You’ll Love Using Let’s Clean Up Checklist!

1.  Don't spend another moment thinking about your cleaning schedule. 
You already have enough to keep track of without trying to figure out which chores need doing.

2.  Your kids will be more cooperative. 
Ask most kids to clean their room, and you’re likely to get a whole lot of complaining and not nearly enough cooperation. This part is kinda tricky, me no have babies....

3.  You'll know when you’re done.

4.  Your life will be easier if you stop being a "binge" cleaner.
A binge cleaner when you only clean because of some emotional occasion, this is me. Every single time I felt  super hurt, I'll start cleaning

5.  You'll be able to stop nagging your spouse and your kids about cleaning.

6.  Family members will understand exactly what they need to do.
Yea with the checklist written (something like duty roasters you can guide everyone in the house and remind them about what they should do.

7.  Reduce allergy symptoms.

8.  You’ll never be faced with an overwhelming list of chores again.
Consistency is the key to success I bet :)

9.  You won’t have to worry about what visitors think when they come to your home.
Yea, when people came into my room, look at my place mesti diorang tempat YDP camni ke? Bla3x...
The place condition reflects the state of mind of that person

10. Your home will be a more attractive and comfortable place in which to live.
I envy Asyraf Hanafi's place, dah macam hotel room dah..ngan lampu study nye...haih~

That's it for today, UMK peeps jangan lupa study and pray for our success..finals next week!



  1. goodluck in your exam. tokey hotel 5 bintang.haha

  2. haha.. the last one is pretty much interesting~ LOL


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