Monday, December 26, 2011

S6E04: Guilty Pleasure

Hey guys, I dunno what to say but if my mom finds out, I'm so doomed! So doomed!

You peeps know I've not been myself enough these days. I'm goin through a rough passage in my life now..
yea3x I get it you guy've been listening to the same line for the past 3 posts..

This time I'm bringin in Frankie and FRENS!! Hahaha..the true guilty pleasure!

We went out today to have fun so that I can forget the pain I'm going can be a therapy for dudes too y'all.


#1: Buy yourself Strawberry marshmallow cheesecake, crazy choc & blueberry cheesecake at Secret Recipe and eat em like a pig

#2: Try out something unusual, like trying out a red skinny pants in Brand Outlet
(or you can just buy em if you're chinese enough)

 we bought RM150 worth skinny jeans n tees

#3: Sympathize a disable cat 
(Kesian la kat kucing2 OKU, this cat actually ran towards us sebab nak lintas sekali, it's disabled
one front leg seemed retard)

#4: Go to Wakaf Che Yeh and hope you'll get laid

#5: McDonalized your life!

and of course you'll be needing a Guest Star like this superb yet awesome Frankie to help you get through a painful divorce! Hahahaha....

Till then peeps..



  1. hey dude.

    It's been awhile since I comment on your posts kan? awesome one! but but gmbar2 semua tak nampak lahh. :) :) :)

  2. hey anem, tq for reading my post!!! I've reuploaded the pictures, take a look at them..I love the red skinny...cantik kan?


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