Thursday, December 29, 2011

S6E06: When your jantung rasa macam terhenti, jatuh & pecah atas lantai...

I'm back home because I need to clear out my minds.

A very malfunction Fert this semester, is not helping me 
to move forward instead moving backward is all I want.

Damn it.

Well, It's suppose to be an awesome getaway until I received an SMS:

Dr. Kassim minta kamu setelkan semua assignment dgn dia by tomorrow.
Please do contact him rite now. Carry mark anda sgt rendah tq.

KABOOOOSHHHH!!!!! Dah la I tgh down, lagi la...jantung rasa mcm stop jap and jatuh atas lantai
nak pecah pun ada...

OMG, What have I done with my life....I xpnah mcm ni...Where have I put my parents hope
and my responsibility. That was the moment when my bro's face appeared when he told me all 
I need to do in UMK study and get the best result. Because I was so down bila masuk UMK & dapat course pelik kan. Expectation family mestilah tinggi.

So I called Dr. Kassim, and Dr. cakap carry mark saya 17 shj? OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17? This is no good at all...Fert, you've been a bad boy, a very bad boy....
bila nak insaf and sedar ni?

Dear readers, tolonglah doa sama-sama ngan saya minta saya dekat dengan-Nya


  1. Allah is testing you buddy. THe best I can say is you gotta face it. Sitting down and doing nothing will lead you nowhere. Here's the challenge, to overcome the worst. I know you can. Amiin. :)


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