Friday, December 30, 2011


I went back home to Penang to clear my mind and get a few things done.
I'm losing grip of my current life and it is vital to pull em back together.

I really wanna learn something, something huge that could push me back on track..and yes..I did..

It was Allah, He lets me see it.

The khutbah jumaat was awesome. It's about FASSAD = kerosakan. The khatib told us how in this 
current world, we, the human beings are living in fassad; where our minds, thoughts and act are filled with bias judgement and corrupted with khurafat so as lagha`. The khatib explained to us about the factors contributing to this:

#1: Allah is angry and displease with His servants who went against His saying i.e. disobeying Allah
Allah murka dengan hambaNya yang tidak taat padaNya

this is related to what we have done, we took advantage of the benefit and peaceful life that we're leaving in and we forget about our Creator yet we went against Him.

#2: The problem lies in us
Diri kita sendiri

We chose not to do the right thing, we were so caught up in the FUN the world is offering us today that we forget our responsibility. When there's an opportunity to be close to Him, we chose to postpone and distance ourselves. 

#3: Choice of friends
Pilihan sahabat

It's popular isn't it: the analogy between being a friend to a man who sells perfume and a man who make/sell steels.

“Diumpamakan rakan yang soleh dan rakan yang jahat ialah seperti (berkawan) dengan penjual minyak wangi dan tukang besi. Penjual minyak wangi tidak akan mensia-siakan anda, sama ada anda membelinya atau hanya mendapat bau harumannya. Tukang besi pula boleh menyebabkan rumah anda atau baju anda terbakar, atau mendapat bau busuk.”
Hadis al-Bukhari dari Abu Musa al-Asy'ari,

In this current world, we chose to distance ourselves from a friend who visits surau/masjid regularly but we find it fun and cool to hang out with those who are less pious, sporting and fun.

#4: The environment we're leaving in today
Persekitaran kita

the khatib told us, that in life, Islam has told us to have a deep passion in learning and acquiring knowledge. Today, we assume 'knowledge' are the ones we learn in classroom and what was taught on the whiteboard but this is not enough. Learning about Islam (my & our religion) creates stability and a direction towards a more planned and structured yet peaceful life. A simple situtation to test ourselves where are we right now?

There's a ceramah in surau/masjid VS visiting Pesta Pulau Pinang?

theory of positiveness stands here, because when you are among lagha, fun and irresponsible environment you'll adapt and behave like one. Why not choose to attend Majlis Ilmu, which gives us various point of view about life, guides us towards a better and a more devoted connection to Allah. It is this that we'll help us build up from the inside.   

#5: Our Solat
Solat kita

Most of us (Penang Island muslims which are the minorities) chose to neglect this very important responsibility as a muslim. Solat is only carried out in the moment of need and difficulties. Solat is the foundation to our religious value and beliefs. Where does our principle in life stands now? Most of us when we listen to azan we ignore it even though it is a call for muslims to get together in our house and pray, create the positive energy among us. 

and then the khatib shared with us some POV on how to help guide yourselves to the right path. The saying that struck me most is this:

#1: You choose to change your fate

Most of the times, we chose to blame others that our life is a misery. We blamed our creator from creating us this way. If we want a better life, that we have to change, berhijrah. Admit to yourselves that you have a problem, and decide that you wanna change and it's time for you to do so.

#2: Transform your lifestyle

Your solat and sedekah will help make you feel much better and have a firm control of your life. Change how you look at life and how you look at our Islam religion. Be devoted to Allah by performing ibadah and speaking to Him more often when your in the good or bad times.

#3: Your circles

Of course you would be needing a positive example to lead you to the right direction. Approach friends who loves surau/masjid talk to them, exchange ideas and views. Visit surau/masjid and listen to ceramah/kuliah/classes with the aim to learn and have a better grip of your life. the khatib also mentioned:

Kalau ada dok bergaduh2 tu, p la minta maaf..berbaik semula...kita ni golongan minoriti kat Pulau Pinang ni, tok sah dok bergaduh, berhasad dengki. Berbaik sesama saudara seislam kita, berjemaah la mai surau buktikan ukwah islam kita..

Dear readers, I know there will be some of you who will say...apelah Fert ni, bajet baik..pandai sangat ka ilmu agama ni nak post macam ni...Deny it all you want but I know this culture exist among us. 
You see, I'm sorry..
I know where I stand and I admit my weakness. I never thought this content of khutbah jumaat would struck me like this. I have been a very bad muslim. I admit that I am Islam but failed to portray what is being thought to me  and act like one. I know this is because of lacking of knowledge and understanding. That's why I need to post this, it's a reminder for me..maybe if you've known this.... well is good... but for those who's caught up in the same problem as me you don't wanna miss reading is. Give yourself a wake up call.

It's difficult to make a change..that's why I need to start at a slow pace.


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