Tuesday, November 13, 2012

S7E07: Tiffany & Charles

Fair and gentle, soft and steady, decent but not that very innocent. Who else is it if it's not Tiffany Tramp dressed in red dress and thick glass bee-eyed shade and a floral hat with a cute sling bag. "Are you new here?" Charles approached Tiff. "Sorry, I don't talk to jocks" she replied and left Charles hanging there by himself. At that instance, Charles realised that the battle to win the heart of Tiffany Tramp is so on.

The next day, Tiff and her best friend Banu had lunch together in Jewels' Grills. While Banu was busy sharing her adventures leading the head of volleyball's team, Charles made his way to both of them. "Heyyyy Banu, heard you did a great job with the volleyball team?" Charles interrupted. "Hey yo dood! Waddup! Yea, volley girls rock! Hows ruggers doing" Banu asked but before the conversation could go any further Tiff took her purse and left the table. "See you in the lecture Banu!" she said while hurrying towards the front door.

Charles then asked Banu, "What's with her? Seems like she's avoiding me all the time?". "Well, it's not your fault you're too awesome to date a typical girl like her. You might as well talk to Ally, she's all over you!" Banu replied. 

Sitting opposite Banu and Charles was Reeta. She has been lonely for quite some time. She was never in a special relationship before and all she wondered was how thus it feels like to be in one. While she took her time gazing at Charles sexy back, a guy came towards her. "Hey! Is this free seat's available? I'm Noah anyway" said Noah, an exotic mix-blood dude with a face where the famous Lee Hom was born. Conversation has a flow, so that's how Reeta first special encounter is about to begin.

Meanwhile, Courtney is having period pain again and she couldn't hold it this time. "Patel and Foxy! Please accompany me to The LOLs store, I need to stock up on the necessities" cried Courtney. So off they went to The LOLs, one of the famous mini mart in the land of Jewels. On their way there, Courtney bumped into a new dude in town. "OMG! I'm sorry!!! Sorry!!! I'm in a hurry!!!" Courtney stammered. "It's okay, I'm George" the guy replied.

She's not a chatterbox,
but she's a fox,
be careful Tiffany Tramp,
you don't wanna be rammed.

**to be continued**
S7E08: The First Bite

Sunday, October 14, 2012

S7E06: Foxy's Retreat

Patel has never been this depressed in her life. It has been 12 hours since Bruce's funeral and all she could picture was his charming smile and all those romantic words he cast on her when they were at the initial monkey love moment. KNOCK! KNOCK! "Patel! Open the door! It's me!" said a voice from outside her house. Patel dragged herself to the front door to entertain the visitor. "SURPRISE!!!!!". It's Foxy in her Leopard-print Versace's head scarf decently decorated with pretty white lily brooches and yea of course her swag. "Here, hold my Galaxy Tab and press the silver button on the screen" Foxy said. Patel was horribly depressed but she was forced to entertain Foxy (her BFF). When she touched the silver button on Foxy's expensive gadget, the screen transited and a picture of an antique gold ring decorated with three tiny emerald diamonds became visible. "This is now yours" Foxy interrupted. "OMG!!!!" Patel cried and burst into tears. Foxy then continued "I know how much this meant to you, I know that you fell apart when you have to sell it to the antique store when you were totally broke and it's the first ever gift Bruce has given you. Foxy took a small black cubicle, opened it and gave it to Patel. "It's all yours now" she added.


Dressed in his pale pink long sleeve and brown khakis, with an adequate trimming of the facial hair and the light green contact lens Charles get himself ready to impress the freshmen. "I'm gonna get myself a wife this year..haha" he whispered confidently in front of the mirror. As he walked towards the office building, he intercepted Reeta at a junction..but before Reeta could say a single word Ally came into the way and moaned "Charlllllleeesssss....Allllyyy is so tirrreeddd...Allyyyy needsss a huggggggg" and she hugged Charles. Reeta faked a smile and left. Meanwhile, Courtney, Patel and Foxy made their way towards  Charles and Ally and the ugly picture. "Hey Ally, how's you're Chlamydia going on?" Patel provoked while Foxy added, "Yea, and I heard you're tainted peaches are selling fast too". And the three of them gave her a b&*^ laugh. 

But before things turned any uglier, Charles laid his eye on a beautiful figure. A new girl in town, with short red skirt, lovely pink neck scarf, vogue shades and a Prada hanging elegantly on her wrist. His could feel the juices flowing, the adrenalin rush and the towering interest to go and talk to her. 
Foxy, Foxy the Queen of Money,
Her thoughts are so fond but her acts are so naughty,
Though her money and diamonds are awfully plenty,
She's gonna need more than that to help Courtney. 

**to be continued**
S7E07: Tiffany & Charles

Friday, October 5, 2012

S7E05: Bruises of Bruce

Keith took the bottle filled with purple pixie dust and hurried back home. When he entered the house, Patel was standing there putting on a worried expression. "You've gotta a have a clear picture in your head and say out the wish clearly" Keith told her and grabbed her palm. Patel grabbed the bottle of pixie dust firmly in her palm, closed her eyes and then she muttered, "Shallow and hollow makes no great sense, to Bruce my love I shall  be sent". And...PLURP, they both disappeared. Patel's vision faded and she could no longer see the night sky in the land of Jewels, everything kept twirling around. All she saw was dark illusions with holographic picture of her life experiences. Within minutes, her visions came back and....."OMG! Bruce!" she yelled in shocked. Bruce was lying on the floor and his body is bleeding very badly. "The witch took me here!", Bruce uttered softly and then fainted.

Patel screamed her heart out, "BRUUUCCEEE!!!". Appearing from the hallway accompanied with thunderous sounds of footsteps were Scarlet, Keith and Pearl. "What happened here?" Scarlet asked. "OMG, it's Bruce my son! Quick...Anyone knows CPR? Can somebody call 911" she squalled. Pearl took her smartphones and made a quick call. Soon the hallway became overcrowded with people from attending the Founders' Ball wanting to know the excruciating details about what happened in the guest room. The Founders' Ball turned into a disaster when police and ambulance came. Bruce was admitted in the intensive care unit.

"I knew it! You caused all this! My Bruce have always had a great life until he met you!" Scarlet  hollered to Patel. Patel replied with an anxious expression, the only thing that she had in her mind was just wanting to see Bruce smiling, holding her hands and talking to her again. "Scarlet, that's enough. Patel, you need to leave we'll take care of Bruce" Pearl interrupted. So Patel left the land of Myst and headed back to the land of Jewels.

 The ICU was where she did it all,
She killed lovely Bruce and Scarlet after all,
but devious Pearl escaped her trick,
oh no the Evil Queen is worried sick.

**to be continued**
S7E06: Foxy's Retreat 

-it really has been awhile, Charles, Courtney, Reeta and more will be back-

Friday, September 28, 2012

S7E04: Mama Diva

Rise and shine Jewelians, it's time to walk down the memory lane. Seems like somebody from the past has just made her remarks in the Founders' Ball this year.


Though the hustles and bustles in her working life, she decided to come back. And this time, it's for the Annual Founders' Ball held in the land of Myst (a small town, located 15 mins away from Pedanted Coral).  

The limo stopped right in front of the main entrance, where flashes of lights emerged from cameras as the shutter's been released. The driver hastened to the back door, opened it and smiled at the mysterious figure inside the limo. Then slowly, she came out...and yes..it's her..but wait..seemed like she did not turn up alone after all, emerging next after her..a tall brunette in her elegant black heels with little white pearl earings...oh my2! what do we have here? Two 'it' girls whose never on any girls's 'fav list' but always in every boys' dream.

The Evil Queen made her way to the stage, cleared her throat and welcomed everyone to the ball; "Welcome ladies & gentlemen, to this year's Founders' Ball. Now, on behalf of the founders family, I..." but before she could continue...her vissions captured the image of two ladies walking into the hall. "Scarlet & Pearl?!" her voice peaked then she continued, "Scarlet, where's your chinese husband? and Pearl in brunette hope you got lucky tonight, consider the upcoming moments as a gift from me for stealing what used to be mine!".


Meanwhile, Keith made his way through the dark and scary forbidden forest to meet Pixie. Well, the journey wasn't long though, he rode his exclusive EX5 to the secret cave located 15 minutes away from the settlement area. There, he met Pixie; knitting tiny mittens with golden threads. "Well, as I've anticipated. You would be coming to me for help" said Pixie. Keith replied, "Our love journey might have ended but our friendships remains til eternity". Pixie smiled, took a bottle filled with purple pixie dust from her swag and replied, "You're one smart guy Keith".

Swipe those hair color, 
oh dear lector,
you'll find two dolls, 
kissing fellow trolls

**to be continued**
S7E05: Bruises of Bruce

Monday, September 10, 2012

S7E03: The Minions

The smell of wet grass and fresh earthy soil in the land of Jewels breaks the morning air. Patel yawns and opens her sharp eyes noticing a tiny envelope icon on her means of communication; connecting her with a young and ripped Bruce. She's been in love for months and hoping that the affection they have for each other remains and further blooms to a real happily ever after ending. Having to shade those temporary doubts she has for Bruce is one of the biggest challenge but with Courtney and Foxy tagging along, she managed. Patel has struggled in her life, through thick and thin and all those workload Courtney has been throwing on her..and again she managed. Some said she inherited Paris Hilton's immune system that biting the bullet is part of her nature. 

The Evil Queen sets off for Pedanted Coral, where Bruce is held detained for four years before the curse from his ex-girlfriend could be broken. "I have a dance training session. All I need is my 6 eyes to watch on Charles, make sure Reeta and Courtney have no chance on him. Keyword: Love Barrier. Keep them away", she commanded her minions.Though the conversation was held in a close and private room, Keith who happens to be walking pass their secret dungeon, overheard their conversation which ended with a haunted giggle. He peeped through the key hole, Bridget, Barrymore and Brenda the malevolent triplets were sitting on horrible orange-coloured stools. Bridget with her new rebonded hair covering her left eye, Barrymore with the long fizzy yet half dead hair and Brenda the only pure lady figure in the room in her red kebaya. Keith quicken his footsteps and headed towards "Charles' bachelor pad", the moment he pushed the door open, to his no surprise Charles stood with a blank-im-busted face with one side holding ding dong and the other pressing PAUSE. It's Charles and his adult entertainment.

But before Keith could say a word, there's an incoming call from Patel. "Keith, quick we need the magic powder to take us to Pedanted Coral, you need to see Pixie (a well-known healer and a cross-bred of the evil queen and Mufasa the previous King of the Land of Jewel). Pixie kept a few pouches of the "convertible power" that can take us to Pedanted Coral in time. Bruce just called me, he's badly bruised. So Keith took off, headed to the Forbidden Forest to meet Pixie.

On the other side of the land of Jewels, Reeta and Courtney happens to be in the same cheer-leading training session. "Hey! Courtney..how's life?", Reeta asked. "Same old, same old" Courtney replied. You see, the conversation seems so fine from the outside, but deep inside we all know the raging battle they have inside for Charles. What more, is when Ally walked in the crowd and announced herself as the new captain of the cheerleading squad. 


Torn apart by money and love,
Oh Patel! please put on those gloves,
because Courtney might need you to scrub some stuffs,
that she uses to hit...oopss  

mind my words readers, I don't wanna spoil the broth

**to be continued**
S7E04: Mama Diva 
-watch out! i'm bringin the used to be it girls in the next entry-

Saturday, September 8, 2012

S7E02: Hello Jewels

Hello Jewelians! Seems like September is the new beginning of another era; the final chapter of the long bottled up feelings and the never ending drama of the puppets of life. It has taken me days to put together a proper beginning so that I don't spill the milk that easy to the frenetic readers who's been pondering and forcing me to crack the code for them. LMAO. So I have to be very careful now.  

Let me begin with Courtney, a fun yet easy going girl with a stunning upbringing. Her first 3 years in the land of Pendanted Coral (before Jewels, all characters were originally from The Pendanted Coral-the land of civilization) were a total upside down as she struggled to portray the best of her to Charles. Of course, having to comfort Courtney to go through phases of a mild meltdown, Keith has developed an unbreakable immunity against her dismantled thoughts every time she tore apart. But the love Courtney has for Charles  is indefinite and could never ever be replaced and this is clearly portrayed the moment her Charles & Keith stiletto hits the ground of Jewel.

The land of Jewel is nothing more but a very peaceful and cool surrounding, so serene and pristine that even the upper east siders would be willing to throw away their diamond golds and caviar away just to be one of the Jewelians. New faces seems to be contaminating the sempiternity of the classic air of Jewels but not Ally, at least for Charles who has his eyes rolling when Ally passed by. Of course, the male ego always forced him to put on a straight face but deep inside Charles had a crush on her. Sadly, eyeing all the way from her window; lonely girl Reeta with a dream and hope to have Charles notice her. She's not that stupid Charles, she can see your  phony grin when Ally gave her innocent smile and left an electronically delivered token of appreciation.

Meanwhile, the evil queen sets her oblique plan hunting down young ripped muscle boys diverting them from the straight path a normal guy should be taking. Flaring red headed witch always has it coming when it comes to mumbo jumbo and little minions being assigned to perform weird yet unnecessary projects. Evil Queen takes a look at her crystal ball, holographic image of Charles appears clouded by evil cupids. "The beginning of my plan seems to be working fine" she smiled.

Thou art lovely Courtney,
of roses and potpourri, 
who's personality so bold but not her eligibility,
just watch your steps and fiery

**to be continued**
S7E03: The Minions

Thursday, August 30, 2012

S7E01: Ssshhh...She's Asleep

Hello followers, this season I'm gonna start representing characters in UMK as fairy tales' creatures. This would be a harmless way of channeling my deepest frustration in trying to cope with the social  coercion. I'm sorry dear 'characters'.

If it is only the 'true love kiss' that could wake her up, 
would the magic curse be broken forever. 
Only the evil androgynous queen knows the answer. 

It has been two months since everyone from the land of Jewels were put through a long sleep. Some were trapped in concrete jungles, some were dumped in the forbidden forest and some became minions of the evil queen. Charles on the other hand, was the only one who lived his dreams not knowing that Reeta has feelings for him. Oh, who's Charles by the way?...An undeniably narcissistic college jock with a devious charm who believes that the world is his oyster. Wouldn't be much of a surprise if someone likes Reeta would fall for him. 

Four months ago, the evil queen put everyone into a temporary sleep (which is considerately long). They were told that they would only wake up if Reeta admits that she has feelings for Charles. And yes, she did at the end of the fourth month. That's why everyone's awake now and ready to bust their ass off this upcoming fall, seeking revenge and long lost affections. People are coming back to the land of Jewels. By people I mean, Charles, Reeta, Courtney, Patel, Foxy, Keith and another 200+ seniors. Trust me, it would be fun to watch them struggle in a never ending denial of their rotting secrets. Perhaps, this would be a wake up call for the evil queen who's terrible in dancing;- every dance moves she made would invoke fear and pain in the less alpha individuals. 

Poor Reeta, a lonely girl,
who's heart's so fond but 
who's thoughts are so blonde.
Watch what you eat, 
never take a bite on a rotten apple.

**to be continued**
S7E02: Hello Jewels

Thursday, May 24, 2012

S6E16: Jaw-Raw-Ward

In order to assist any Caucasians reading this post, the term pimple is known as 
 jerawat in Malay (pronounce as: Jaw-Raw-Ward, lol...it's actually Jer-Rar-Wart)
Here's the thing about pimple, I have no idea why do they keep popping on my skin.

Every single time when I:
1) got Stressed 
2) got Horny
3) ate chocolate and slept straight away neither without cleasing my face nor brushing my teeth 
4) had too much on my head
5) watched Nicki Minaj's video clip
6) gobbled up McDonalds
7) ride my bike to work 

Pimples have became my friend these days, and I certainly don't know why, when I
just don't think we can end up being the very best of friends. Not just we don't have anything in common,
I've reached the age when pimple is suppose to bid farewell. I'm 22 for God's sake.

Here are the list of pictures, where camera+lighting helps to hide Mr.P on your face:- except for the last one...dats my new working area :)

Midvalley with Yan & Paa
Another shot! Just sebab Yan xpuas hati
Lonely boy in the office..decent
Horny boy in the office..lol

my new working area!!!!
Till then...tata peeps :p 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

S6E15: It's Officially OFF the Table

While listening to Adele's Chasing Pavement, Right As Rain, Daydreamer, Cold Shoulder, Hometown Glory..it just feels
so right to spill a lil bit of my emotion in this post. 3 weeks to go before my internship is done.

Adele-Turning Tables

Close enough to start a war
All that I have is on the floor
God only knows what we're fighting for
All that I say, you always say more

I can't keep up with your turning tables
Under your thumb, I can't breathe

So I won't let you close enough to hurt me
No, I won't ask you, you to just desert me
I can't give you, what you think you gave me
It's time to say goodbye to turning tables
To turning tables

Under haunted skies I see you
Where love is lost, your ghost is found
I've lived a hundred storms to leave you
As hard as you try, 
no I will never be knocked down

I can't keep up with your turning tables
Under your thumb, I can't breathe

I won't let you close enough to hurt me, no
I won't ask you, you to just desert me
I can't give you, what you think you gave me
It's time to say goodbye to turning tables
Turning tables

Next time I'll be braver
I'll be my own savior
When the thunder calls for me
Next time I'll be braver
I'll be my own savior
Standing on my own two feet

I won't let you close enough to hurt me, no
I won't ask you, you to just desert me
I can't give you, what you think you gave me
It's time to say goodbye to turning tables
To turning tables
Turning tables, yeah
Turning ohh

I took this from:
More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmania.com/turning_tables_lyrics_adele.html

All about Adele: http://www.musictory.com/music/Adele

If someone really loves you, they would find you good enough to fill the hole in their heart. 
Well, if they keep on searching, that means you're just not good enough for one... 
so stop the 'turning tables' drama and just kick one off the table.

In my office, listening to Adele's song...layan blues sambil
key in RUSLE

*for my new circles, in the same room I am at the moment..this friday would be the last colleagues gym session! sob2

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

S6E14:Everyone Needs A Trophy

Desperate Housewives 2 Hour Series Finale was beautiful and awesome. I really love how they ended the award winning series. The best part was the Johnny Mathis, Wonderful! Wonderful! being played as the background music during the birth, death and marriage moments.... Wonderful Moments.... that portrays the cycle of life.  

I was on my way to work today on the 17th May 2012 listening to the song, when I started reminiscing about the past. I was a supporting actor in MRSM Taiping Drama Team 2006 back then. It all began with a few rounds of audition. Names of those who got selected were written on an A4 paper and pinned on the old English Unit notice board. Then, we had days of torture by the our Drama Team seniors followed by a heroic moment when Ms Farah saved our lives and brought us back on the right track. The first proper training night was in the hall, we sat in a big circle and started brainstorming. A team leader was chosen, script writers were appointed, line ups for leading and supporting roles were announced and then selection of the AJK,etc (delegation of task). These were the normal routine in setting up a team to work on a particular matter. 

You can create thousands of team but to make it work and win something needs a lot more than a normal routine. Of course any team would have their on drama (tears, anger, scandals, etc) but this one had something a lot more than that and it's really difficult to put them into words. 

Anyway, we won the regional's Dramafest competition and then National's came. There were tense, anger, cries, misunderstanding, intimidation, butterflies in the stomach, mobile phone being misplaced moment and yea adrenalin rush when we're about to perform.   

we figured out a way to handle the "pre-performing anxiety syndrome"

"we put aside all of our differences, put our heads and hands together... aiming the trophy and of course the spotlight too" 

We had this special routine, we would gather in a circle, Mr. Syed the director would whisper some motivational lines (it's like a short speech) and then we would perform a special cheer. It's a simple but special routine. It brought us together. We would do it twice, before and after a meeting or training session..*this line sounds so wrong..LOL... The cheer was simple but very meaningful.  

Well the cheer itself couldn't really win us a trophy...of course it must come with hard work, focus and most important....passion. I realise that most of the time a team malfunctions when self-ego comes into place and there's not much of a give and take principle being played by team members. Despite our differences, we chose to indulge and cherish it.     

guess what? we won the National's

I wish I could have a team as good as my MRSM Taiping's debate and drama team in UMK. Wishing and hoping alone wouldn't be enough huh? Yea right....

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

S6E13: Going Viral

While going through some of my earliest posts in S6, I felt so disgusted with myself. Haiya, how come I got so 
emotionally involved and kept mumbling about lovie dovie stuffs all the time, lmao. Anyway, I've said goodbye to all that quite some time ago. 

A lot of things happened since my previous post in FSD S6E12, I went to Melbourne for my MPP trip, struggled to find a place to stay for my internship, hang out every single weekends and at the moment I'm updating my blog from my office where I'm doing my internship. 

#1: Melbourne was super awesome, an inspiring city. Visited several Unis there.

#2: I actually get my own desk and PC (my first day during Internship @ Environment Asia)

#3: Best colleague ever! Hannah, Sharmila, Helen, Xing Kang & Zeela (she snaps this pic)
#4: My first week of MAPPING + LAND USE!
#5: Site Visit Bukit Bakri, Johor...I actually get to travel around during my LI :)
#6: Road trip, I get to drive and no one complains :)
#7: Teluk Intan was awesome too! We had lots of fun!

#8: Boss and his surprises! I gained lots of weight working here. Fun but challenging.

 After 1 month doing my intern, I find the job market in Malaysia is huge but the competition is hell. It's not easy to get a job nowadays. My HR told me, everyday my company will be receiving 10 to 15 job applications. Even if you can speak English, but if you put on MUKA KETAT during interview..it's gonna be a NO NO for the company's big gun. Another thing is, whatever I learnt in class is a tiny bit...real working life is way worst than that. One day you're in and the next day you could be out.

And yea, not to lose the best part...even though I have to say goodbye to my favourite all time TV Star..the Desperate Housewives, I have to prepare myself with other new series as well :) 2 Broke Girls is just it. It's hilarious, trust me!

Series Buzz #1: Just 2 more episode before the series FINALE! and yea they killed Mike Delfino in episode 16 :(
Series Buzz #2: Body Of Proof-Going Viral is absolutely great..loves Dr. Hunt! (Dana Delany)

Series Buzz #3: Body Of Proof-Going Viral is genius! 

and yea...tada! This is super duper awesome!

Series Buzz #4: 2 Broke Girls...its damn hilarious. Couldn't stop laughing watching these two girls

Well peeps, I guess that's all. It's gonna be a while until my next update in FSD S6.I would be very busy enjoying my days working in an Environment Consultancy Company :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

S6E12: Aku Tewas

Sekali lagi..

aku sedar aku tewas...aku gagal dan telah kehilangan apa yang aku inginkan selama ini. Tak Fert lah kalau xdapat apa yang aku mahu. Tapi aku yakin, aku telah mengambil langkah awal sebelum aku jadi makin teruk namun masih belum mencukupi.

Luka masih berdarah apatah lagi pabila ditambah garam.

Aku xdapat nak terima kenyataan buat ketika ini. Aku tak mahu tahu apa-apa pasal hidup kau. Aku xmahu benda yang ada kaitan dengan hidup kau ganggu aku lagi. Kau tahu dia kawan rapat aku tapi kau masih mengikut hawa nafsumu. Dia kawan yang aku kongsi derita dan duka. Dia juga sampai hati bersandiwara di hadapanku sedangkan sudah tahu hakikat yang sebenar.

Ya. Hati aku hancur.

Tak dapat diubati lagi, walau seribu kemaafan dipinta.

Kini yang aku pinta...cukuplah setakat ini

Jangan tambah bebanku, sudahlah aku ibarat watak jahat dalam kisah ini.

Jikalau dulunya setiap hariku ceria
Kini aku perlu meniti setiap hari yang penuh kesuraman dan duka 

You see how much pain I'm in until I start writing in Malay.

Only Allah knows how much I'm suffering each day. 

oleh: Candy

entah mengapa
kau tak berubah
slalu saja kau simpan
katakanlah yang sebenarnya
diriku tau bila kau kini tak ingin bersamaku
mengapa kau harus berdusta
yang kuinginkan…
yang kuharapkan...

bila memang berakhir akhirilah saja
bila memang kau pergi lupakanlah aku
bila memang berakhir akhirilah semua
lupakanlah saja aku

diriku tahu engkau bertahan agar ku tak kecewa
mengapa kau harus berdusta
yang kuinginkan…
yang kuharapkan...

bila memang berakhir akhirilah saja
bila memang kau pergi lupakanlah aku
bila memang berakhir akhirilah semua
lupakanlah saja aku

S6E11: Bastards - The Metaphor - 'B' word

Sounds like mustard but at least mustard taste better.
Now this post is mainly for me to bitch about a few people which I believe had occupy spaces of hatred in my heart.

You see,
a few weeks back I met this Bastard (fuh first time I call someone with the Big B word)
spent time, sacrificed a lot, hell lot and then kaboom...



I couldn't find any space in my heart to be cruel and hate others...but this time I'm working so damn hard to hate
someone for the rest of my life.

so Dear Bastard,

I hate you and things related to you.
I just hope you live your life regretting what you have done to me.

***ok done, felt better***

I have many great things awaiting.


Well, I learnt.

and this time

will never look back.

I just have one more important business to settle.
and I know its gonna be a big finale.

*Candy-Bila* favourite song at the moment

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

S6E10: The tale of every "Finale"

What could I say? This is the tale of every 'Finale'

I was freaking busy today with my preparation for MPP 'Grand Finale' Night and the PERMATA Award this evening when I saw a chinese girl hugging her malay friend wearing a scarf. Tears rolled down her cheek. 

I was touched.

For UMKians, especially FASA students the time has come for them to start a new adventure in Jeli Campus. A very new campus next February..which means there'll be no more KB Mall, TESCO, Cool Blog, etc...and the 'best' of all is no more FKP friends to talk to..

I'm gonna miss these people so much..

Since my first year, these two ladies up here had given me lots of motivation and support to start
an English Debating Club in UMK. We hang out once in a while at Family Kopitiam, LOL, exchange series, talk about life, giggles, watch horror movie at 4 am and then takut balik bilik, talked about illuminati...gossip world in UMK..yada, yada, yada..

As the ending is near, what could I say more...I love every single moment that I've spent in UMK and I really appreciate His plan for me.

The tale of every 'Finale' will end with tears whether it is happy or sad.

One day, we'll meet again:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

S6E09: Silk Road

You could never see
What's Life is trying to tell you
without Him guiding your heart
to see what's past, now and ahead..

I walked...
Walked down my memory lane

Looking into a half-filled plastic bottle
on an old bed as its witness

The choices I made
the joy I got caught up into
the seriousness I reprobate

I cried...
I prayed...
I played..
I tried..
I lied..
I smiled..
I faked my life to get through it
cajoled by life's temptation
charmed by its beauty

at an intersection
Silk Road came to me
telling me that Life wants me back in

this time
with Eternal Joy as an offering
and me as the subject of change

Oh Silk Road,
how smooth could you be ?..
how lengthy would you be ?..
how true is your honesty ?...
building you sacrifices silkworms
amending you takes Effort

I told you

You could never see
What's Life is trying to tell you
without Him guiding your heart
to see what's past, now and ahead..

-by Firdaus Abdul Karim @ Fert-

Monday, January 2, 2012

S6E08: 2012

Yes, I started my 2012 with the a big sacrifice for my heart.
I was told one lesson, so that I am well prepared for the upcoming obstacles.

My new year's resolution..ermm..kinda unprepared actually for 2012..things were so hectic..but then my best fren suggested me this moving on song~ awesome...a good kick start! My resolutions lies in the lyrics

Louder (x4)

I'm staring out of my window

And the rain is pouring down
When you left, I was so low
But I'm not gonna drown

I don't need no shoulder
I'm gonna be a soldier
I just wanna feel somethin' I don't understand

I'm just gonna run right through the rain
I'm just gonna dance right through the pain
I just wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum
Let my heart beat louder
Let my heart speak louder than my head [head, head, head]
Heart beat louder than my head [head, head, head]
Heart speak louder
Wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum
Let my heart beat louder
Let my heart speak louder than my head

I, I am over overthinking of how to get you back
I'm checking out for the weekend
And I ain't going back

I don't need no shoulder
I'm gonna be a soldier
I just wanna feel somethin' I don't understand

I'm just gonna run right through the rain
I'm just gonna dance right through the pain
I just wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum
Let my heart beat louder
Let my heart speak louder than my head [head, head, head]
Heart beat louder than my head [head, head, head]
Heart speak louder
Wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum
Let my heart beat louder
Let my heart speak louder than my head

Oh, letting go
Yet it feel so good, so right
Oh, all I know

Is that I let my heart beat
Heart speak louder than my louder than my
Heart beat heart speak louder than my louder than my
Heart beat heart speak louder than my louder than my louder, louder, louder, louder

I'm just gonna run right through the rain
I'm just gonna dance right through the pain
I just wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum
Let my heart beat louder
Let my heart speak louder than my head [head, head, head]
Heart beat louder than my head [head, head, head]
Heart speak louder
Wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum
Let my heart beat louder
Let my heart speak louder than my head

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